Monday, November 23, 2009

peace & joy

ok before i start anything, let me divide this post into two parts so it wud be easier for me to write& post and also for u guys yang membaca...ok 2parts, first about what had happen in past few days..second, the tag from cikgu norli..hikhik :)
So the first part :) suppose to be long since i've lot of things accumulated in my mind that i wanna write in here, but i dunno how long i'll be able to write since i'm soooo tired, just came back from Olomouc and now it's already 12.26am....

What am i doing in olomouc?? Orite, that's the thing... we, Malaysian students in Czech Republic were mostly in olomouc last weekend to participate in iGames09 ....iGames? indonesiaGames? WTH is iGames?...okey, actually iGames = Intervarsity Games, which is an annual sports tournament among the Msia students in three Universities here in Czech Republic [Prague, HradecKralove, Olomouc]..this year was the third which was done in Olomouc...

we had lot of sports like futsal, basketball, volley, bowling, badminton, squash, table tenis etc.. in the midst of hectic life as medic students, this event organized by CZEMSA [read: Czech malaysian students association] brings benefits to all students here to try new things and also as a refreshment after all the burdens in study :0)'s a very good event actually despite of all the fights and misunderstandings which i think common in all tournaments people, dont think that medic students cant play sport okey..and this year olomouc is the Champ and from my P.O.V they deserve the throphy! hehe... maaf belot sket! :)
oke,i dont want to talk long about the iGames but frankly, i had a great time in Igames Olomouc09..thanks Olomoucians for the great hospitality esp my dearie yana!!thanks for the everything babe!, all the committees for such a wonderful job and all students who came & memeriahkan the Igames..thanks!


okies masih 1st part but lets rewind a little bit, a few days before the iGames...hoho..
wat a deym busy week i had that week.. my classes were ON like usual, the last, thurday, friday were the most critical moment!..
but i'm glad i was able to go through everything smoothly..Alhamdulilah!...
WENESDAY: My final Immunology
Alhamdulillah, i passed!
Thanks Allah, Thanks to Prof Dr Jan Krejsek...

THURSDAY: PE test & Practical
Beside the normal examinations like examination of lungs & heart..palpation of abdoment etc2, i did Per Rectal Examination on a patient that day!!!!!
Per Rectal Examination : Entering a finger for about 4inches into patient's anus to examine the anal canal & the organs nearby...
erkk...kinda excited but gugup because not all students get the opportunity to do it on real patient, plus this is my first time huhu... but i think credit shud be given to my doctor since he's really great in finding great patients for our learning session... also thanks to the uncle for the cooperation :)

Emergency building hospital Uni.. cendawan atas bumbung tu la tempat mendarat helicopter untuk urusan kecemasan [ambulance udara! :P]

hurmmm...okeyh, this one mcm jakun sket la, but still i nk cerita jugak la my excited-ness when i was in emergency unit last couple weeks... admitting patient by helicopter on the roof of the emergency unit building & observing the 1st step on how the emergency unit deal with the patients from car crash's supercool!!!! :) :) :) :P
Actually there are many other things i experienced during PE in hospital that makes my heart bouncing and screaming outloud 'this is wat i want to be in few year ahead!!!'teruja!! :))

pathophys test on hemostasis,trombosis,DIC....alhamdulillah...settle jugak akhirnya...lega...
Next test patho on this coming friday on ECG...yuhuuuu :)
mari bersedia menjulingkan mata & pakai kanta pembesar untuk mengkaji graph2 ECG!!!hehehe...

haiyarkkkk....dah la tu kot...2nd part tak start lagipon...ngantok gilosss tapi...oke sket lagi, nnti dh busy tak sempt nk layan blog ni...baek buat terus!!!! yarrrhhhh....okeh2 tido dulu..nnti2 pulak la buat tag!, serius dah xlarat..esok class kol 8 harap2 bangon :) so, kak norli, saya hutang satu tag! hikhik...
okey people, gtg now..continue later!


fatinnadirah said...

cool la building A&E hospital koin!
semoga Allah permudahkan all the tests & exams!! aminn!
Actually there are many other things i experienced during PE in hospital that makes my heart bouncing and screaming outloud 'this is wat i want to be in few year ahead!!!'teruja!! :)) <--- FIGHTING!! jiayou2!!

Akmar Anuar said...

mak ai...rectal test?
btol2 perform rectal test tuh??
OMG!!!!!! :O

di dalam hati kama berkata: aku bersyukur berada di dalam course pharmacy..ngehehe =p

kokochan said...

huhu..thankssss babe!!! :o)
u too..fighting!! :)

kokochan said...

hahaha..haah buat per rectal exam tu..
memula terkejut gak masa my doc ckp hari tu kitorg akan buat per rectal exam..macam2 dah pikir, tapi for the sake of belajar oke kot!hahaha takda la teruk sgt actually..huhu