Saturday, April 24, 2010

tahu vs mahu

Today i was like 'terbukak hati' nak pegi usrah kt baitul's quite long since the last time i went to any usrah program actually....
today talk was about GF.. serangan fikiran... it was quite interesting tho to listen to such talk since i myself do realize about all these things that happen around me...but it's just sometime my ignorance is shadowing those reality from bad!huhuhu...ok dont wanna talk further about it since im not that good in explaining all those stuffs..hoho
ok today i was like thinking about my coming final exam... as next week is the last week pf april, i think i've to move my butt and work hard start from now... if not i think i'll be in big trouble...

oppp chenad ajak tgok cerita hantu jap! gtg...will continue after this :)

ok la dah malas nk taip...hahaha
nk studyyyyyyyyyyyy~ bye2!

Friday, April 23, 2010

hati ke hati

alhamdulillah...i cant really describe this feeling... satisfied? happy? grateful? worry? burdened? all in one i guess... i just got an email from Student Dept. of my university regarding the money from the Financial Awards of previous academic year .. so i'll get the money in this coming May...8500kc = ~330euro =~ rm1500!!! not the best results tho but still i'm grateful....alhamdulillah! =)
[*financial awards : Dapat sort of anugerah yg berupa duit poket ;p from university sbb perform quite well during the final exam.. hoho from exam result tu ade la grading dia..haha susah nk explain :p]
yuhuuu... gembira~!! Perfect time to get the money now since currently me economically not really stable! lagi la nk balik malaysia ni kan...hahaha~

i'm so thankful to Allah, family and friend...
thanks sooo much for the help and support...

back to 2008/2009 academic year.... frankly i didnt actually put any target to get those award..., because what is more important when it comes to final exam is to pass them all, to move to next academic year smoothly, just as scheduled w/out any delay [this is exactly what always in my mind!]... getting those award is a rezeki from Allah and i accept it with all my heart, and i take it as a compliment and 'batu loncatan' for me to work hard till the end..insyaAllah!

however, i really cant hide/deny the feeling inside...i'm so worry about this coming final seriously!!... with the gamble-ness of taking all the exams in pre-term [a bit early ; before the official exam period].. am i confident enuf to do this or i'm just following my heart my eagerness to go back to malaysia early?? i dunno...with the motivational level up and down.. i just sooo sooooo freaking out when thinking about this coming final exam...!!!

but...since i've decided everything regerding the date of exams.. so what i can do is just to work for it...dont think to much about the date, just work to the max, and the rest lets Allah decide for u... because He always knows the best for us...ameen...
gambateeee!!! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the truth..

i'm studying med psychology right now... i think i'm so into this subject...eventho i've to admit only small things learned are applied in my daily medical student as for now.. but i think this subject remind me back the time when i studied Business & Management in KMB...
all the theories mentioned in the books and the notes are very applicable in daily life.. personally love reading about people, behaviour n stuffs... eventho me myself ntah ape2..hahaha~
ok tu je nk cakap... nk g tgok cerita hantu jap! :p bye2