Saturday, November 27, 2010

oh marfan syndrome~

menariknya di hospital beberapa minggu lepas... met this patient with marfan syndrome! it's relatively a very rare disease to be found..even my doctor told me that that was his 2nd time met such patient in his medical career up to now..
marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder of connective tissue... i dont want to explain everything in detail related to the pathogenesis of the disease..and to make it simple it's a autosomal dominant disease, but dont worry u'll be at risk only if either ur father or mother has this disease, if not u're in the safe zone then :)

what make this disease interesting in my point of view as medical student is the complications and all the clinical manisfestations that can be observe from the patient.. still can remember someone told me -the severe & complicated the disease, the interesting it wud be for doc & medical student :P *especially in term of learning purposes & experiences..

ok back to the patient, from the start when u approach this marfan patient u can easily identify the typical tall with long limb, and the thin and slim fingers.. i'll provide here later some picture to help your imagination :P hehehe...
since this disease is a disorder of connective tissue thus the manisfestion will be so general involving many organs such as eyes, heart etc etc.. but i'll only write here the most common one..

1. Patient has problem with vision/eyes because of ectopic lentis or subluxation/dislocation of the usually experiences astigmatism or near-sightedness..but can also hv far-sightedness.. sometime pt also have glaucoma, retina probs etc2...

2. gothic palate, pectus excavatum!

3. his heart is the main reason why he's being admitted in the hospital..he has insufficiency in all 4 valves [the most severe aortic n mitral valve] and already had transplantation of aortic valve and had also ascending aorta replacement due to aortic aneurysm..
*his ascending aorta aneurysm/dilation of ascending aorta leads to dilation also of the heart at the area of the aortic valve, thus leading to severe insufficiency of the aortic valve... but all these complication already being 'repaired' few years ago...
from history taking, his mother died due to rupture of disecting aorta.. marfan snyndrome is one of the etiology of disecting aorta aneurysm beside hypertension, syphilis etcetc... due to weakening of the CT, the intima of the aorta can be easily teared and a false channel can be found under the intima...[picca below~]
pt with disecting aortic aneurysm is at high risk of aortic rupture - externally to pericardium and can lead to sudden death due to cardiac tamponade...
it also can cause sternose@block of the aorta itself & also the main branches of aorta ; carotid artery, subclavian artery etc...leading to stokes & death because of the impairment of the blood supply...

the current problems of the patient is the mitral valve insufficiency, he's about to have mitral valve transplantation on the next we sent him for regular procedure before cardiosurgery : coronary angiography to see does he has any prob with the blood supply of the heart..etc etc...
*ascultation, he has a very loud murmur all over her chest..due to the insufficiency of the heart valves but the maximum point is at the axilla area and mitral region..
ok enough with heart..

4. others :
lungs- spontaneous pneumothorax is pretty common in marfan syndrome..
CNS disturbances -dural ectasia, spine problems etc...

so i guess that's all guys...all this info is not complete, just sharing what i remember and some facts i found from google-ing etc...
so thanks for reading :P hehehe~

extra info about marfan sy visit here The National Marfan Foundation: clickhere!
and credit to joe smart for sharing this real story about his niece with marfan... to read: click here!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


"fighting your own self is the hardest. your mind/brain keep contradicting your heart. and vice versa. You don't know which to side to, to stand up for. all are part of you. either part, wins or loses - you end up everything. it's pretty exhausting. and tiring. maybe it's this whole process which makes an end result at best, ...fulfilling, or at worst, ...crushing. gotta live with it nevertheless, kan?" -fatimah zahirah mohd damanhuri..

quoted from my friend, fatimah's status in fb...

below: lagu hiasan takde kena mengena ngn post ni :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

marah? marah sangat? marah gilerr?

Mari berwudu' atau
Semoga dilindungi ALLAH dari hasutan syaitann..

Mengucap Isti’azah (A’uzubillah)

Diriwayatkan dalam sahih Bukhari bahawa pada suatu ketika dua lelaki bertengkar di sisi Rasulullah SAW. Salah seorang yang merah mukanya mencela seorang lagi dengan penuh kemarahan. Lalu Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Sesungguhnya aku akan mengajar kamu satu kalimah yang jika dibacakannya akan hilang kemarahannya, iaitulah bacaan “A’uzu billahi minasy syaitanir rajim”.

Ucapan isti’azah ini hendaklah dilakukan dengan penuh rasa kebergantungan kepada Allah dan memohon bantuannya daripada syaitan dan kuncu-kuncunya.
Firman Allah dalam surah al-A’raf ayat 200 bermaksud: Jika engkau dihasut oleh sesuatu hasutan dari syaitan, maka mintalah perlindungan kepada Allah, Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mendengar, lagi Maha mengetahui.

source : clickhere!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

mexican mangoes...?

Mexican mangoes----> Kerabu Mangga
....a spontaneous idea came after meronda-ronda in Tesco Dum this evening with my housemate..thinking of buying a mango to eat, so try to find a ripe one,but none of them look ripe enuf to be eat end up buying not-so-ripe mango and come out with the idea of making this kerabu mangga hehe..
go tru some recipies on the net...and finally taaadaaaa~~
my 1st kerabu mangga :) :)
since it was licin dibelasah oleh my housemates so bule kate success la kot :P :P hahaha~

Another menu we had for dinner tonight was this unique yet delicious food made by chenad keke~ she used chives, eggs, garlics, carrots...fried them all together with some sauces...
Chives Omelet??...or much better Fried Chives with Carrots? hahaha...ok whatever the name is... this one is simply tasty!!hehe :o)

ni la activity random kami dihujung minggu :P

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


SNSD 3rd minialbum's tracks were just released...
Hoot...hoot...hoot.... cant wait for their comeback!
beside hoot...i so into this song = My Best Friend:)
happening melody & awesome lyric u can check it out below...
so enjoy!!


Taeyeon - Even though we argued a little yesterday
Today, we laugh and hug, embrace each other
Alright. Let's make a promise
You are my best friend

Jessica – Even if your worry may seem trivial
Don’t hold it in
But share it with each other. Promise me one more time

Yoona – When you laugh, I’m happy too
Yuri – When you’re sad, my eyes tear up.

There is only one of you in this world my friend
You’re my joy and my soul
I’ll continue to treasure our importance
I swear to God
I love you my friend

Jeti – I’ll be your strength
I’ll always by your best friend

Sunny – If you find a good movie, a song,
Or a person(guy), make sure to let share it with each other
Let’s make a promise together

Seohyun – Let’s not be stingy and
Buy each other meals
Let’s make a promise with our finger

Hyoyeon – For me, when you’re not here, I really feel lonely
Sooyoung – For me, when you’re sick, I can’t sleep. I worry about you

There is only one of you in this world my friend
You’re my joy and my soul
I’ll continue to treasure our importance
I swear to God
I love you my friend
You’re my life’s present my friend
You’re my jewel. My miracle
I’ll protect my appreciative heart
Once again, I swear to God
I love you my friend

Tiffany – With faith and holding hands, no matter what I won’t be afraid
Sica – The word friendship may sound awkward, but I think that word was created
To describe us.
Seohyun – my friend

There is only one of you in this world my friend
You’re my joy and my soul
I’ll continue to treasure our importance
I swear to God
I love you my friend
You’re my life’s present my friend
You’re my jewel. My miracle
I’ll protect my appreciative heart
Once again, I swear to God
I love you my friend
We make pretty nicknames for each other and play around
Sometimes, we share our cool clothes
You’re number one in my speed dial.
You’ll always be my best friend
Forever you’re my friend
You’re my only one, my friend
Forever you’re my friend
You’re my only one, my friend

Hey, aren’t you my friend?
Maerong (teasing)
Good night

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

surgery anyone?

today is another typical day as medic student...
had surgery practical this morning..
after about a month following a cardiac surgeon, learned & watched all kinds of heart surgeries, *teringt team medical dragon plak tiba2 LoL!...
today we had a new surgeon from traumatology department... we met him in the OT of the dept, together watched him finishing his operation of knee which i dunno what was the cause etc2 :p...then we continue our learning session by discussing the basic stuff about bone fractures, surgery remodelling bone etcc..visiting wards & met some patients..
interesting but imo it's not as fun as cardiosurgery tho :P banyak sgt besi2!!! hahaha~
*tonton gmbr hiasan je k...i have some photos taken during our surgery lessons but bcoz of some reasons i dont think i'll put it here..huhu...
finish class..went to kaufland to buy some stuff and since allowance mara da masuk so we decided to had our lunch [with rian, fara, didie, madihah and raini] at a restaurant which i dun remember the name but was recommended by raini keke~! this is the 1st time i ate there! great restaurant, not bad, i ate Salmon with prawns creamy sauce...burppp kenyang gilerrr :) :) luckily i didnt take any picca of the foods if not u guys must be drooling watching it..hahaha
i dunno wat else to write stop here for now..will cont later :)
bye2 :) :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

saya berblog semula :)

mood ni sangat random...
tiba2 rasa nk blogging smulaaa!!!!haha
so bloggerrrs...i'm backkk!!! :) :)

ps: tiba2 rasa mcm 2PM plak :P i'll be backkk~

Friday, May 28, 2010

i'm happy when people around me happy..

alhamdulillah...i've done with 2 out of 3 final exam i've for this year..
only one left which is pathoanatomy this coming july..i'm totally grateful and happy..
i just cant tell how bizzare my life was before..but now alhamdulillah lega tak terkata..

that;s y i always say it's a worthwhile journey to study medicine and spend 6years in the country called Czech republic.. kekekeke~ i can say not only medicine that i learned here, but also complex map of hurdles and the hardships to survive in life.. hope some of them wud prepare me for the more adventure life ahead....huhuhu

i'm happy because all of us who took the exam as for now passed...thanks Allah for easing our way!...i'm soo gratefulll !!!hope everyone including me can celeb raya kt malaysiaaaa this yearr...
but, eventho i onlyhave one more to go for my final, but still have to work hard for it, dun want to feel so comfortable about it...berjuang!
fightinggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

tumpang lalu..

oh soo longg since the last time i'm updating this blog...sometime i just forgot about having a blog...too busy with all the youtube & study things and not to forget the Kpop waves that hits me currently..and NOW the final exam..aaaaa~
Alhamdulillah i've done with one which is psychology final last week...and the next day after tumorow gonna have pathophys final...i'm soo freaking out now... cant really tell whether i'm ready or not, yep i've done reading & go tru everything...i'm just hoping i can remember wat i've read and get a nice questions..i'm just hoping for the best...
anything that might happen on the 25th...i'll accept it with all my heart...because i know Allah knows the best for me :) strong heart & strong mind...hihi :p
ok gtg...kena study! nnti lagi stress....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

tahu vs mahu

Today i was like 'terbukak hati' nak pegi usrah kt baitul's quite long since the last time i went to any usrah program actually....
today talk was about GF.. serangan fikiran... it was quite interesting tho to listen to such talk since i myself do realize about all these things that happen around me...but it's just sometime my ignorance is shadowing those reality from bad!huhuhu...ok dont wanna talk further about it since im not that good in explaining all those stuffs..hoho
ok today i was like thinking about my coming final exam... as next week is the last week pf april, i think i've to move my butt and work hard start from now... if not i think i'll be in big trouble...

oppp chenad ajak tgok cerita hantu jap! gtg...will continue after this :)

ok la dah malas nk taip...hahaha
nk studyyyyyyyyyyyy~ bye2!

Friday, April 23, 2010

hati ke hati

alhamdulillah...i cant really describe this feeling... satisfied? happy? grateful? worry? burdened? all in one i guess... i just got an email from Student Dept. of my university regarding the money from the Financial Awards of previous academic year .. so i'll get the money in this coming May...8500kc = ~330euro =~ rm1500!!! not the best results tho but still i'm grateful....alhamdulillah! =)
[*financial awards : Dapat sort of anugerah yg berupa duit poket ;p from university sbb perform quite well during the final exam.. hoho from exam result tu ade la grading dia..haha susah nk explain :p]
yuhuuu... gembira~!! Perfect time to get the money now since currently me economically not really stable! lagi la nk balik malaysia ni kan...hahaha~

i'm so thankful to Allah, family and friend...
thanks sooo much for the help and support...

back to 2008/2009 academic year.... frankly i didnt actually put any target to get those award..., because what is more important when it comes to final exam is to pass them all, to move to next academic year smoothly, just as scheduled w/out any delay [this is exactly what always in my mind!]... getting those award is a rezeki from Allah and i accept it with all my heart, and i take it as a compliment and 'batu loncatan' for me to work hard till the end..insyaAllah!

however, i really cant hide/deny the feeling inside...i'm so worry about this coming final seriously!!... with the gamble-ness of taking all the exams in pre-term [a bit early ; before the official exam period].. am i confident enuf to do this or i'm just following my heart my eagerness to go back to malaysia early?? i dunno...with the motivational level up and down.. i just sooo sooooo freaking out when thinking about this coming final exam...!!!

but...since i've decided everything regerding the date of exams.. so what i can do is just to work for it...dont think to much about the date, just work to the max, and the rest lets Allah decide for u... because He always knows the best for us...ameen...
gambateeee!!! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the truth..

i'm studying med psychology right now... i think i'm so into this subject...eventho i've to admit only small things learned are applied in my daily medical student as for now.. but i think this subject remind me back the time when i studied Business & Management in KMB...
all the theories mentioned in the books and the notes are very applicable in daily life.. personally love reading about people, behaviour n stuffs... eventho me myself ntah ape2..hahaha~
ok tu je nk cakap... nk g tgok cerita hantu jap! :p bye2

Saturday, March 6, 2010

hey nerd!

hi everyone! how r u guys doing? i'm actually dont know what to blog right now..just randomly open this blog & expecting some ideas come once i start typing something here...there are nothing much happen lately that's why i did not actively updating this blog like before.. as i mentioned in the previous post, the summer semester is just started, and i'm pretty busy catching up the current learning pace and at the same time reviewing the previous notes, it's so tiring and stressed me up!.. i don't really know about others, but as for me, i'm seriously worry about this coming final exam...summer final exam.. maybe it's too early to start worrying about it ....or maybe it's just me with some OCPD [obsessive compulsive personality disorder]??..paranoid!hahahaha....
a few days ago, a friend of mine did ask me " buat ape weekend ni, study ke koin? mesti la kan awak rajin.." ...i dont really like the later statement that much tho.. either it's praises or what i dun really mind..but i had so much of it, and frankly i hate it when people telling me that i'm RAJIN and calling me budak rajin blablabla....rajin? rajin sangat ke aku ni?hahaha... i dont think i deserved to be called rajin, since there are lot more people out there who are extra super rajin kot...if i'm rajin then everyone deserves to be called rajin too kot & u guys are in such a great denial if u're saying not, and telling me that u're lazy all the time/most of time...yes i admit there is time when we feel sooo berat tulang but believe me when the time comes, sooner or later, all of us HAVE to turn to be rajin..rite?...
i just dont like procastinating my work and to be frank, i know my pace of studying, so i just cant stupidly following others;- when i have to start, when to stop etc2...... and for the exam preparations...i'm just sooo freaking out to meet the Prof during the exam if i'm not confident enough prepared for it, not finish reading the questions etc2...i know TAWAKAL, but for me i only can heartedly say "tawakaltu'alallah" once i've done the best i can, then only i leave the rest to HIM... i cant easily bertawakal if i'm myself know that i'm not ready and i can do better than this etc2.... I'm doing THE BEST for my part, and leave the rest to Him..insyaALLAH....
& for my exams' results, frankly i never EAGERLY wanted to get an excellent results for all my exam papers, but of course all praises to Him if i got 1, Alhamdulillah.... i think getting 1= Excellent is just a bonus point to boost up our motivational level, that's it, no more than that....clearly, for me passing the exams are more important & that's more than enough, i'm soo grateful for that.. Alhamdulillah ...
why am i suppose to write all these things???? entah la... mungkin sebab i'm anoyyed with some people who always telling me --> kamu rajin, kamu xpayah risau, kamu ok punye, ala ko cakap je susah, ala ko mesti nk 1 kan, etc..etc..etc...
oit2 aku manusia jugak..ade perasaan xconfident, takot, cuak, neves tu biasa la...adoi! hahaaha ok ape yang aku membebel ni??hahaha..
konklusinya.. i dont like praises! because they kill me slowly..huhuhu :p

orite stop about the study things...lets move on to other topics.. orite..i used to have strong resistance toward the koreans thingy ;- movie, idols, songs, tv shows etc -xlayan haha... but currently, CN Blue new korea boyband seems successfully break the resistance...and i'm so like them sooo much! :p I'm a loner is their single and the group have 4 members ; all of them playing instruments instead of dancing!! owhh hot~! hahaha and currently i watch Making of CN Blue hoho~ and now, i also watch some SNSD TV shows...hahaha lawak2! bley pecah perut gelak..
apart from that, i also follow Na-O-Mei and Puaka Gunung Raya at tv3...all new romance/ comedy on the piece & animeeesssss..... now i know why i'm sooo busy... my study and my lagha thingy semakin banyak sekarang wonder!

owh lupa nk cerita, before the new sem began, at first we decided to spend our holiday either in dublin or london because the flight ticket was soo cheap that time... but due to some reasons, we had to cancel it and decided to spend our holiday in czech republic bumi tercinta je..haha
i went to brno & olomouc for 4days... staying at yana's and do some shop there...having soo much fun!!!! 1st day ; yana cooked us tomyam.. the next day ; jepa cooked us delicious dinner... and before went back home, Deli treated us at such a romantic restaurant! hihihi... thankss everyone for the great hospitality :) after that, we went to prague.. staying at mimmi place...& got free haircut! hihihi i like!!! seems mimmi's skill in potong memotong rambut had improved a lot...nnti bley la buat part time eh mimmi :) went to Korea Mart & Farah makanan! :p

orite...dah blurr xtau nk cerita ape!!! i want to watch Pasta, a korean drama series at mysoju! :)

Sunday, February 28, 2010


i'm currently addicted to Obstetrics & Gynecology Doctors ! a korean drama series..
still ongoing... can watch at mysoju :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

terkadang alpa selalu leka & lupa

Jujurnya, aku rindu sambutan Maulidur Rasul di Malaysia, khususnya di peringkat sekolah... perarakan sambil bersalawat ke atas Nabi SAW, Pertandingan Banner, pertandingan nasyid berkisarkan sejarah hidup Nabi SAW, Ceramah dan berbagai2 pertandingan lain...
Semua informasi mengenai Rasulullah disebarkan pada hari tersebut, diwar-warkan agar semua peka dan tahu mengenai kisah2 Nabi akhir zaman ini... Namun kini, semuanya tanggungjawab untuk me'refresh' terletak pada diri kita sendiri... fikir2kan lah..
Jadi bersempena Maulidur Rasul ini, Aku nk ajak la diri aku & semua org untuk renung-renung kan sejenak sejarah hidup Nabi Muhammad SAW =) refresh balik mana2 fakta yang dah berkarat, mudah-mudahan kita tidak lupa pengorbanan Beliau, Kecintaan Beliau pada kita semua...insyaAllah


Video ni diShare oleh seorang sahabat, Sedih & Pilu... Sama2 kita hayati!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

ade ape ngan summer sem??

ye, persekolahan semester musim panas = summer sem sudah pon bermula
penat, ye walaupon baru sehari class start dah rasa penatnya..huhu

SUMMER SEM - baru bermula 22Feb10
SUMMER SEM - Pendek je sampai bulan 5
SUMMER SEM - Final banyak = Subject banyak
SUMMER SEM - Subject besar & demanding ; Eg : Pathology 25o soklan
SUMMER SEM - Penentu naek tahun ke x? ; nk nek 4th year!!
SUMMER SEM - Penentu balik malaysia ke x? *naknak!!!
SUMMER SEM - penentu cuti banyak ke sket ke langsung xda nnti?aaaa..

Masa sket + Tanggungjawab & Kerja banyak = Lipat Gandakan Usaha & Doa!!
May Allah eases our way...FIGHTING for summer sem ni kawan2! =)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


kenapa ya wujud manusia macam ni kt muka bumi??
manusia yang xpenah nk menyokong..tapi lebih gemar menjatuhkan..?
manusia yang lebih gemar mencaci cerca, dari memuji & mendoa..
manusia yang gemar meremukkan hati orang , dari membuat hati org girang?
menusia yang gemar memperbodohkan org & memijak2 orang sesukahati..
ape yg korg dapat ek buat mcm ni??
dah banyak sangat ke pahala yang korg raih, sampai senang2 buat dosa sia2 mcm ni?
perfect sangat ke kehidupan korg sampai semudah tu nk menghina orang laen
tolong la weyh..
kitorg xpenah pon meminta ape2 dari korg, so y cudnt u just leave us alone??!
jealous? xpayah la sampai bertindak mcm orang xbermoral & xberpelajaran mcm ni...
kalo ape yang kami ada & miliki ni mengugat kedudukan korang..maapla, tapi ni rezeki Allah..
sepatotnya korang sama2 bersyukur, sebab sesama kita bukan orang laen...
jangan la merendahkan diri sendiri dengan perangai keji korg ni...
jangan smpai pandangan ku berubah jijik bila melihat korg...tolong la..
diam..diam...bukan bererti turut...tapi malas nk melayan..
tapi kalo bertubi2 mcm ni...hati sapa yang tak sakit...semua orang ada limit masing2...
we dont really mind kalo korg nk kutuk kitorg je...but not our parents oke..
secalit sedih kt mak & ayah aku korg buat..., maap! seumur hidup keBENCIan aku korg terima!!!
...kitorg saba lama dah, tunggu sket je lagi..
we'll make u guys regret for wat u've done!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

sakit bila teringat..
sakit bila hampir berdekatan..
sakit bila mendengar sayu2..
sakit bila melihat sendiri..
sakit bila merasa yang sama..
sakit bila tidak berdaya..
sakit bila rasa tidak berguna..
sakit bila xmampu buat apa2..
cuma sakit..
hanya sakit..

"even if you fall over, just stay smile proudly"

Saturday, January 30, 2010

..made a deal with someone last night..
..smoga kami berjaya! doakan kami..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

i'm in love :)

Dobra Voda non-carbonated white/green grapes
Tajuk utama : Jagalah kesihatan buah pinggang anda :)
orite aku ni memng hantu nescafe, pastu nk suro aku minum air puteh aka air mineral memng la tersangat payah.. paling okey pon aku akan minum air puteh yg carbonated & berperisa...mcm air POP kt malaysia tu...kt sini banyak air cmtu, ada mattoni, pedebradka, dobra voda mcm gmbr kt atas ni dan banyak lagi la... nk dijadikan cerita, sejak kebelakangan ni, sejak2 belajar pasal saket tu saket ni...aku pon terpikir la macam2... hyperchondriac ke aku ni??! ahhh...
tadi aku ronda2 dirangkaian maya ni, jumpa la satu website ni untuk kira kita punya recommendation daily water intake..
kalo korg minat nk kira klik sebelah ni..[klik here ! ]
tapi korg kena isi berat badan & select physical activities dlu...nnti dia calculatekan..hihi
tapi dia guna pounds untuk berat & ounces untuk vol air yg perlu kita consume, korg convert2 la dlu k......and one more thing, aku xsure plak about validity of the info kt website tu untuk suka2 je :P
so, aku kena minum 61ounces perday = approx. 1.7 liter..hihi xda la banyak sgt :)
korang berapa?? selamat mencuba :P

back to microbe! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


dah 2hari aku tergolek2 ngn laptop aku tanpa hala tuju,macam dah abes exam je perangai..hihi...
harini ngn gigih aku bergerak, aku susun balik note internal med aku balik, kemas bilik, pastu aku rearrange skali susunan furnitures dalam bilik aku, letak meja study betol2 depan katil..supaya rasa bersalah je bila tido banyak sangat & landing banyak sgt atas katil muahahah...
semalam lepak & makan2.. awang & ayie masak sempena belated birthday awang..kitorg sembang2 merepek2 sampai malam bute...

ok la, belom sentuh ape2 microbe ni aaaaa....Microbe! =)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hari ini dan semalam

Baru balek tesco beli groceries sket, then makan sushi ngn!
patot kemas bilik sket harini...kemas note etc..tapi malasss!hoho~
si purple dah sampai, walaupon biasa je tapi sangat2 sukaaa =)
Semalam aku abes Final PE, internal Medicine..Alhamdulillah everything went very2 well..eventho mase nk buat MCQ tu macam2 masalah ade, akhirnya penantian semua hari tu berbaloi..hihi..
Lepas dah comfirm lulus MCQ, Dr Dulicek bawak g Hematology&Oncology department untuk buat 2nd part of the final..examine patient.. Aku dapat sorang patient perempuan ni umur dia 57, nama Marie Huskova...[dari history taking yg aku buat :)]
Saket wanita ni memng tidak diberitahu sebb kitorg kena examine sendiri & come out dengan conclusion sendiri...
tapi kali ni gelabah sket je la sebab dah agak study for final then dan ade backup czech notes..hihihi...syukur giler sebb sakit dia agak direct, with symptoms2 yang okey laaa...
so lepas introduce diri & some personal details pasal patients tu...aku pon tanya dia...
general dialog aku ngn dia awal2 tu..aku ingt sket2 sebb aku memng xcakap banyak pon except benda2 yang memng kena record ni hihi..
Aku :Kdy jste byla prijata do nemocnice? proc?
[bila makcik masuk spital? knape]
Makcik : 21 ledna 2010 , Ctvrtek.. mam krev v stolici
[21 January 2010, Thursday...i've blood in my stool]
aku: vite? co problemy mate? [do you know? ape masalah kamu??]
makcik : yo, delali mi coloscpie..a mam polyp v streva..
[yes..diorg buat colonoscopy and i've colon polyps ]
Untuk final ni, kitorg kena check from head to toe tapi dengan jawapan makcik tu dah cukup memudahkan sket keja aku after check head, eyes, ears, neck, chest, lung, heart, extrimities, tiba abdomen kena focus sket...
once makcik tu bukak baju, nampak dah la banyak scars after operation kt badan dia.. aku tanya operation ape, dia kata dia penah operate utk remove tumor kt pancreas & spleen..pastu ade 2 operations kt gallbladder & reproductive aku pon palpate la perut dia..generally semua normal je cuma sket pelik kt liver & spleen area..
palpation of liver :)
palpation of spleen :)
oritee...spleen & liver dia agak besar, pastu consistency sangat hard cuma liver tu je susah sket sebab mase palpate tu xsure sangat dia enlarged ke x, tapi dia keras la dari biasa..pastu agak2 je tulis je la ..splenomegaly & hepatomegaly!hahaha~
pastu continue palpate lymph node etc... tapi lymph node dia normal..sebb biasa kalo tumor ni ia ada tendency to metastasis ke tempt2 makcik ni antara typical example la, dia ada cancer colon & cancer tu spread via blood mainly to liver & spleen..sebab tu liver & spleen dia membesar & keras :)
itu je la isu2 utama pasal exam aku semalam..hihi

aku tengah berangan2 nk beli phone ni..tapi mcm xsure lagi nk beli ape sebb sekarang ni banyak betol phone yang canggih2 hebat2..semua nampak best je..hihi
yang pasti aku rasa orang macam aku ni memng xseswai pakai touchscreen..sebab aku rasa harini beli esok xle nk touch kot, rosakk..hahahaha...
so aku prefer yang banyak2 keypad..nampak shmart je :P
tengah eyeing on blackberry bold 9700 skrg ni..tapi agak mahal la..huhu so kena pikir elok2 sebelom bertindak...haha
oriteee...gtg, ngantok nk tido :) byebyebye~

Monday, January 18, 2010

jiwa kacau

situation:kelayuan snow
hati xgembira eventho snow masih tebal skrg ni...
snow tebal --> love vs hate
selalu love menang...tapi sekarang hate menang..haha~
jiwa celaru bagai siaran terganggu..hoho
situation : gonna sit my final PE in less than a week!!!!!
but i'm still stuck in the middle of this PE books, trying to relate everything & make sense of everything i be frank this PE doesnt going quiet well for me right now..
plus, the idea of passing MCQ before the practical part of the final exam just drives me insane!
MCQ over Essay or Oral exam...MCQ suppose to be better, but not this time maybe...i just hate the way the MCQ exam is done...!!!
okeyh la merungut banyak pon study!!!!!!!!!! nk cerita la sket lagi :)

Situasi: kelas PE khamis lepass..yang aku rasa bodoh, lawak plus malu!haha...
last week, tanpa sebarang amaran, setiba di pulmonary department....ade ke doktor kitorg dah arrange each of us dgan sorang patient untuk dicheck!!! *dush! dush!*
dah la xstudy ape2 sangat that time...gelabah macam kambeng la aku, at least kalo pairing leh la gak berdiskusi seketul2..arghhhh!!! memang ketegangan lalu lintas btol la mase tu..haha

Dr. Koblizek hantar aku ke ward pesakit tu..pastu dia cakap ngn patient tu blablabla dalam bahasa czech yang aku dapat grab sket2 je.. pastu dia cakap ngn aku :

"orite Ain, this is ur task.. to check this patient..and i give u some clue, this patient suffer from disease related to circulatory system"

okey : respond aku dengan konon2!

Aku pon buat senyum kambeng ke Doc tu sebelom dia tinggalkan aku ngn patient tu...
Mase tu otak aku ligat la pikir, ape 1st aku nk buat ni....adoi..adoi...circulatory system??? ni ward pulmonary...ape ek possible saket makcik ni...
so nk cover gelabah aku, without a word, aku pon buat2 la tulis sket kt kertas aku nama patient tu...hahhaa
then aku rasa awkward giler r sebb, sunyi sepi je xcakap ape2...
pastu aku try la recall ape2 ayat czech yg aku penah belajar aku pon try la sket2, dalam hati harap2 makcik ni paham ape aku cakap..ahaha
antara dialog aku :

" Jsem Ain, studuji medicinu v tretim rocniku.. "
"Muzu polozit nejaky otazy ? a potom vysetrim vas..?"
[read :i'm Ain, 3rd year medical student..
can i ask u some questions & then examine you]

Patient tu pon senyum & respond dengan baek..hihi
ano..ano [read: yes..yes]

mungkin dia nampak aku gelabah plus czech aku ke laut gilerr..haha
Pastu aku pon tanya dia punya history sket, and basic2 soalan pasal saket dia..
selamat la dia yang banyak bercerita..aku pon dengar je la..selamat jugak czech dia boleh dipahami sket2..
dia cakap kat aku dia ada Scleroderma sambil tunjuk tangan dia...aku pon oke la...dia saket scleroderma..
TAPIII... masalahnyer aku tak ingt la plak Scleroderma tu cmna since aku memng xbace & xready ape2 pon.., so examination ape? ape symptom? ape physical finding?? memang terasa bengong plus budus la tyme tu...
then, tanpa segan silu aku tanya dia ape masalah dia ada, then aku follow je ape yg dia rasa
....dia kate:
" mam dustnost ale pri namaze "
read: i've dyspnea on exertion

so, aku wat la chest examination, auscultatiaon, percussion, inspection...
pastu dia tunjuk tangan aku tgok & palpate la tangan dia
macam ada clubbing fingers sket, hardening of tissue..
pastu examination2 tu berjalan la macam tu eventho aku clueless btol Scleroderma tu saket ape..hahah~

akhir2 tu, makcik senyum then dia pegang tangan aku dia kata :

" ......studene" [read: sejuk!]

muahahaha..tangan aku memng sejuk selalu...tapi with the cuaca sekarang & nervous gaban tu bertambah la sejuk..hahaha lawak je..mesti makcik tu tahu aku cuak..hahaha~

then, abes check2 tu semua, kitorg gather & g balik ke tempat patient masing2 & present la finding semua kt group & doctor kitorg.. pastu doktor kitorg la yg explain semua saket2 tu termasok la scleroderma tu..muahahaha...

tamat la cerita ....................
kesimpulannya, kalo taknak malu & terasa bodoh kena la study elok2 koinnnn!haha~

oke2...have to go back to PE...
hari ni dah tido dari kol 3ptg sampai kol 7 malam tadi melayan hati yang rungsing, jiwa yang kacau ni...exam syndrome datang dah! :P
...lets trying hard to think like a cardiologist, act like an expert internist..
pray for us & wish us luck! :)

ps: gambar2 hanya hiasan semata2.. :P

Sunday, January 10, 2010


cerita khamis lepas.. pagi smpai malam diolomouc!..membawa adeen, my exclassmate kt KMB dlu, berjumpe yana & jalan2 olomouc...
kat bilik yana! adeen yang tidur sebab xsihat sgt dek kesejukan czech yg melampau saat ini hihi..
me & yana infront of palacky university...uni yana :)
adeen yang membebel2 xsudah2..hahaha
adeen & aizat kt umah aku, bilik aku..
makan2...di green bar :)

sepulang ke hradec, ke rumah ayee makan lagiiiiiiiiiiiii
sembang2 merepek2 ramai2 sampai malam bute..haha
btw, thanks everyone!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sujudku..syukurku hanya untukMu..

Alhamdulillah..dah abes credit PathoAnat
dapat 2slides tadi :
1. Urothelial Papillary carcinoma of renal pelvis [papillocarcinoma]
2. Caseous Necrosis of Adrenal Gland - TB infection

Pada kawan2 yang amek patho next week try la tgok vid kt youtube - Pathohistology
insyaAllah helpful for credit test tu :)

InsyaAllah esok akan ke Olomouc, membawa Adeen bertemu Yana :)
Pastu balik g umah ayee plak...
waaa.. mcm jejak kasih M05C plak =)
orite nk tito! papai..

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hot Green Tea !
Freaking cold outside
Just come back from Ayee's with ila
Sending some Nasi Kerabu

Chrismas break is over
Class will start tomorrow
Tests & Finals are waiting
6th Jan, Wenesday..??
back to +/- 80 slides of Pathology

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The city of love -paris

The city of LOVE called PARIS... 20-23Dec2009... Koin-Iela-Chenad
Memulakan perjalanan dari HradecKralove ke Prague..Prague, ibu negara Czech Republic sudah mula dilimpahi salji pada ketika itu, suhu mencecah -14 degree menusuk ke tulang sumsum..pantas bergerak ke Istanbul Kebab di Hlavni Nadrazi untuk mengisi perut yg
laparrr... kemudian ke rumah Anis di I.P Pavlova, bermalam disitu untuk menangkap kapal terbang keesokan paginya.. Anis masak laksa penang nyum2!! :)
Bergegas ke Ruzyne Airport Prague seawal 730pagi, menaiki pesawat kos rendah WizzAir
ke Beauvias Airport di pinggir kota Paris.. Mencari Hotel tempat menginap untuk check-in & letak barang...settle semua, rehat2 kejap..then kuar jalan2, pkul 4mcmtu, hari sudah mulai gelap sbb winter tapi kitorg terus merayap2 di Kota Paris..
Makan KFC Halal :)
Malas nk berjalan sgt malam tu, tapi sempat jugak jengah2 di Musee de Lourve, Eyes of Paris, Eiffel Tower and a few others dah gelap..
Teringat perjalanan diatas kaki yg agak lame untuk sampai ke Eiffel, sungguh nampak eiffel tu
sangat dekat untuk reach by feet, tapi gilosss jauh! illusi semata... tapi worth la sbb once kitorg sampai je diorg tgah pasang music & tukar2 lampu kt eiffel tu..memang best!
perancangan ke Disneyland, Malangnyer bangun lambat & arrive at the station about 11 oclock so train ke disneyland tu dah xde sebb dia up to 9.30pagi je kot, then petang bru ade.. so tukar plan, hari melawat bandar Paris versi siang plak... kami pergi ke semua destinasi pelancongan di kota paris ni sambil membeli soveniers..memng layan la gmbar okey :)
22Dec 2009
ke disneyland paris :)
best sangat2, eventho some event mcm kanak jer, tapi sangat menarik lerr..with all the parades & performances.. & the place itself dah menarik cost me 55Euro [RM260.00] per day to enter the disneyland part [2part : disneyland part & walt disney studio] tu pon the entrance fee lepas pakai student card huhu, kalo tak lebih lagi.. sehari memng tak sempt sebenarnye..tapi mahal nk mati, so pegi sehari je la redah semua hihi..

sket2 je upload ni, file ni bertimpa2 malas nk carik :P
sket gmbr paris ni dah upload kt FB,nnti rajin upload lagi sket..hihi

oritee..gtg! bye2..

[Note : Lepas beberapa tahun menjelajahi europe ni, banyak bangunan yg megah & cantik aku tgok...tapi so far, yang mampu buat aku sangat terkesima & terpana dengan kemegahannya ada 3 je...Colosseum di Rome, Duomo di Milan & Eiffel tower di Paris.. and if i've been given another opportunity to travel around europe, without any hesitation i'll choose the 3 places..hihi ]