Sunday, May 31, 2009

hodne stesti!

Czech oral final ---> 3june
Physio oral final ---> 18june
Biochem oral final ---> 1july
The owner of this blog is busy-ing around with her final, so this blog might be under temporary hiatus!
wishing everyone good luck for final.. may Allah eases our way! :o)

Saturday, May 30, 2009


kalu bosan study tgok la video ni..hehe..i like the last part, the raining part! weee~

next vid --> bagi semangat sket nk belajar! :o)

Kena rajin ni!!! nk balik ke x?? xsabarnye nak maen ngn budak pipi berat,Myra, yang mcm ulat Beluncas tu...hahahaha~

oke, study!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

chci mluvit cesky!

Dnes je nudny!nedelam nic.. budu mluvit cesky ted' protoze mam cestinu finalni zkouska pristi tyden.. muj cesky je nedobry, musim casto zkoušet mluvit cesky! Je mi to lito pro kamaradki ktery neumi cesky..moc se omluvam... :o)

Tak, dneska ráno, jsem zacinala muj den s uklízením muj zachod a ložnice, protoze naše vlasnik bude prijit a da nam podpis na vizum... potom, jenom jsem lezela na postel a hrala na laptop...vecer, jsem podivala si s muj bratr cely vecer, chci divat se na muj neteř, Myra, bohuzel myra spala.. zitra, zase budu si podivat s muj bratr!!... muj bratr řekl mi, že pristi sobota, muj rodina v malajsie dela kenduri Aqiqah for myra... smutně, nejsem tam! chci se vrátit do malajsie :o(

Měl bych studovat protoze mam finalni zkousky pristi tyden ale nemám náladu cist knihy..!! *sigh* ...Tak, myslim ze, to je vsechno, preju vsechni hodne stesti!, budu pokračovat příště..

ahoj! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

nak kawen ke nk jadi dokter?

We had Physiology Practical Examination this evening, and thanks god, i passed the exam and got credit for physiology.. just wanna congratulate all 2nd year students for performing quite well in the exam...

For those who're not studying Medicine in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic and wondering what am i talking about.. Oke ekceli practical examination is the last part of the Credit system for physiology which is compulsory to all 2nd year med students here to get credit, ['credit' is like an entrance ticket to final exam, without it, dont dream to seat for final exam, plus u might fail the subject, repeat the whole year again etc... see the important?hehe]..
oke, it is an oral exam based on the practical labs that we've done troughout the year...first, as usual we've to 'draw' some cards with number of the question on it, choose one out of 26 questions... among the question --> blood sedimentation, Hematocrit, cloting and bleeding time, Perimetry, Investigation of Vestibular system, examination of lung & heart, ECG, Blood Pressure and pulse, proprioceptive and Enteroceptive reflex etc... yes, as aforementioned, it was done orally! so we've to explain the methods of the experiment, the result and sort of discussion why like this, why like that blabla, plus some theory.. it's pretty tough as the experiments cover almost all systems in our body, so not only u've to master the procedure but also the lecture notes setebal beberapa inches tu..[walaupon xbrape sempt nk bace :o)]hehe~
However, thanks God for easing our way! Alhamdulillah :o) I got question 'Tests on vestibular system and the investigation of eardrum" , this might be a simple question for some, but not me! to be frank i dont really like this question! all the movement of the endolymph, nystagmus, saccule, utricle, semicircular canal, pathways etc are just make me sick! plus, doing it with Holecek [read: nama prof!] makes my catecholamine & adrenaline level even higher! but luckily rumours about "holecek baek ngn budak perempuan" pretty working here LoL!... yup i've to admit that he's very before i enter the exam room, i heard some students kena tengking by him and some even failed.. pretty 'cuak' la, but once he laughed at me because i didnt mentioned about stopping the barany chair before the finger test [read:Barany test~!], so agak stabil jugak la diri ni & dalam hati 'oke gak dia ni'...and of course there are some questions from him that i cud'nt answer very well because i didnt read much on CNS..huahua~ but the kind-hearted Holecek give me 2 for the exam! thanksss~ so as a reminder for those who already start preparing for final, make sure you guys know about the neuronal relation between vestibular apparatus and mucles tone, the pathways etc related to it..since he was pretty interested about it!, maybe because he's the one who taught CNS..hehe~
So i've got all the credits for all the subjects for this year! so just need to focus on my final.. i've 3 final for this year ; Czech, physio and biochem.. i hope i can finish all of the ASAP and go back to malaysia early :o) ..Ameen!
Reminder: Booking czech final can be done on 29may from 8am at SIS! Cepat, sape cepat dia dapat tarikh best :P

Oke then, before leaving, just wanna wish "happy wedding day" to my friend, Saiful Ariff [Uranus] aka x-Pres Psp Mrsm Mersing 03/04 on this 7june! Sori xdapat dtg, tgah bergelut ngn final lagi.... May Allah bless u guys..! :o)

ps: Ramai betul dah nak kawen & bertunang sekarang ni... Musim ke ape?hakhakhak~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

apa yang penting? kerjasama!

ok aku bosan giler ni, saja godeh2 youtube, tiba2 teringat plak lagu wonderpets yang budak2 ni dok nyanyi mase ni amek la sape2 yg nk berhibur jap, tgok la vid kt bawah ni..hakhak~
"..kami tak besar dan kami tak kuat,
bila bekerjasama semua jadi mudah...

apa yang penting? kerjasama..

Friday, May 22, 2009

laskar pelangi..akan ku kejar hingga hujung dunia..

Yesterday, we had Physiology test at 7.30am in the usual for those who're practicing last minute study like me will suffer a lot from the time of the test wakeup as early as 6.30 is so not me! and to not sleep at all is a complete disaster since i've class just right after the test till 1.30noon..

We've physio lab just right after the test, and i can see all my classmates are like zombie, everyone is soo sleepy, i tink Lotkova [read:my lecture] did notice us but just pretending that everyone is concentrating on her lecture..and she just continue with her 'short' lecture before the practical.. during 5min break, we know our result from the morning test....then continue with the practical part, everyone is doing all the tasks fastly as we eagerly want to finish the practical ASAP...! keji btol perangai semua..hahaha~

10.30am, after physiology lab...i'm skipping my biochem seminar and straight away went back home since my eyelids cudnt be opened anymore, and i need some sleep :P
After sleep for about 4hours... i woke up and watch this indonesian movie called "Laskar Pelangi" recommended by my friend, Izwar... This movie is based on the novel with the same title, which is among the top bestselling novel in Indonesia...

This is a very inspiring movie, neither like ayat-ayat cinta nor perempuan bekalung sorban, this is not a love story-mory...

Laskar pelangi is about 'perjuangan' ; the fight of SD Muhamadiyah [Read: Name of a School].. the fight of the teachers to educate children, to create awareness about the importance of education, the fight of the students to study and gain knowledge, to success in life...etcc...

I tink they try to show some kritikan sosial of indonesian people toward their open govt 'eyes' about the need of education in some rural areas, and not to neglect them.... and stuffs like that..
One thing i shud say here is that we shud be grateful with wat we've right now, we've such a perfect life, everthing is, books, stationaries, facilities etcc... just need to focus on study, tapi tu pon sumtime kita dah merungut [talking about myself!]..
How bout people like them [in the movie] ? who really2 want to study, plus smart but dont have the chance to..??

I just have dont have enuf time to review everything about this movie.. just wanna quote some words mentioned in the movie :o)

" Kalau nak pintar.. belajar,
Kalau nak berhasil...berusaha.."

"..jangan penah menyerah..Hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak2nya, bukan untuk menerima sebanyak2nya.."

Among all indonesian movie that i watched, i tink i like this one the most! :o)
so people! if u've free time and wondering wat movie to watch, i totally recommended all of you to watch this movie..hehe~

oke, gtg.. need to prepare an armor for my practical physio test this coming monday! :o)
PS: we, the Cejpova, are so happy since we were successfully kidnap 12 ekor ayam from Hypernova yesterday... ni sebagai satu langkah berjaga2 takot ayam habes and also as preparation for the exam season! nnti sibuk xda sapa nk beli groceries!hahaha~

oke, till then..SALAM~

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Selamat menduduki peperiksaan kawan2!

Asalaamu alaykum. Just want to share this.
Its exam season, and so I imagine many students are stressed and worried about their future and studies. In any situation, the remembrance of Allah can be a great benefit. Here are some reminders which may offer comfort and steadfastness.

Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) said: -
"Allah has commanded that everything one does, should be done with excellence (ihsan). When you sacrifice, sacrifice well. Sharpen your knife and make it easy for the animal to be slaughtered. " (Sahih Muslim)

So know that studying, revising and aiming for good results is in itself an act of worship with the right intention. And struggling to do well in them is in itself fufilling a command of Allah.

"If any adversity comes to you, do not say: 'If I had only acted in such-and-such a way, it would have been such-and-such; ' but instead, say: 'Allah has decreed it, and what He willed, He has done,' for verily, if opens the way for the work of Satan." (Sahih Muslim)

So if you didn't do well in an exam don't have regrets and think of what went wrong. If you're faced with difficulty or problems, don't wish them away but accept the will of Allah and keep on going. Look towards the future and trust in Allah.
Allah says in the Quran: -

O you who believe! Seek assistance through patience and prayer; surely Allah is with the patient. (Surah Baqarah, Verse 153)

The most important message we can take in times of hardship (and even in times of ease). Remember the prayer is not a burden upon us but rather a blessing a source of strength and a connection with Allah, the most compassionate and caring one.

"And when My slaves ask you (O Muhammad) concerning Me, then (answer them), I am indeed near (to them by My Knowledge). I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any mediator or intercessor) . So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led aright. " (Surah Baqarah, Verse 186)

ps: copied and pasted by ijoy from an email to his blog, then i copied it again to my blog..thee~ ...jadi sumber kedatangan post ni adalah dari : IJOY-JalanJuang

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the syndrome..?

Awesome video, cool dance!

COngrates for those who are succesfully 'sogok' me with all these korean thingy..!

keranamu czech :o)

Thanks Allah :o)
Alhmdulillah...harini result czech kuar, berdebar giler...
To be frank, hati ni memng xtenang since buat test tu, which is thursday last week...
memang rasa akan kena repeat lagi je..sebb listening part dalam test tu mcm xle nk jawap sgt je sebb blurr giler masa dengar dialog tu..hoho~
memng rase tensen giler la..ditambah pulak dengan kekangan masa final dan sebagainya menambah kekusutan kepala ni..
RAZALI NURUL AIN --> Ano [read: Pass]
Tapi tu la, Allah sebaik2 penentu, Aku lulus :o)
Kadang2 kita rasa kita mcm comfirm akan gagal, tapi Allah bagi lulus.. apa maknanya?
Mungkin inilah yang dinamakan rezeki dari Allah.. Alhamdulillah..terima kasih Allah~!
Tapi jangan leka, sebab ia juga mungkin ujian dariNya, menguji dengan kesenangan, nak tengok kita leka atau kita terus tingkatkan usaha...wallahualam..
jadi kesimpulannya, mari terus berusaha dengan gigih untuk final yang mendatang :o)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

kepada Encik Razali sahaja!

18 MEI 1955

Thursday, May 14, 2009

up and down like a rollercoaster~

redha, pasrah, berserah, pray for the best..
hopefully, there'll be a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel..cewwahh..hoho!
Up and Down like a rollercoaster..
Bipolar syndrome..
Stress teramat berserta Fikiran bercelaru bagai siaran terganggu!
Sumtime when we feel sooo bad and disspointed, we tends to blame ourself, blame everyone and everything around us-->even paper and pen yang tak berdosa also get the punishment!hoho..
Letting those feelings take over our life is a big mistake!
Koin, bare in ur mind that your life is governed by Allah, The Creator which knows everything...
"pena-pena sudah diangkat, tinta-tinta sudahpun kering..segalanya telah tertulis"
Book: La Tahzan, Dont be Sad, Jangan bersedih
Keep believing & have strong faith in Him.. He knows the best what is the best for you!
"Hadapi dengan senyuman, semua yang terjadi biar terjadi
Hadapi dengan tenang jiwa , Semua... kan baik baik saja
Bila ketetapan tuhan sudah ditetapkan, tetaplah sudah
Tak ada yang bisa merubah dan takkan bisa berubah
Relakanlah saja ini, bahwa semua yang terbaik
Terbaik untuk kita semua menyerahlah untuk menang..."
:Dewa- Hadapi dengan Senyuman:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

gigi patah?

Mimpi mainan tidur..
Tapi kenapa emosiku terlalu terjejas dengan mimpiku malam tadi??
Sehinggakan aku tidak boleh melelapkan mata, tidak tenang sehingga ke detik ini?...
malam tadi aku mimpi 4batang gigi geraham atas kiri ku patah,
bak kata orang2 tua, jika mengalami mimpi patah gigi, ia membawa alamat yang tidak baik, berkemungkinan akan kehilangan keluarga terdekat....
Nauzubillah!!mintak dijauhkan..ya Allah...
sebenarnya aku kurang yakin dengan kepercayaan2 yang tidak berlandaskan bukti yang kukuh macam tafsiran mimpi semua ni..
tapi ntah la, kali ni rasa x sedap hati plak...macam terbawa2 plak perasaan ni dek tafsiran mimpi tersebut...xtenang..
Seketika sejurus aku terjaga dari mimpi tersebut, aku memng xbole nak sambung tido, walhal aku baru tido dalam 1jam...start tido pkul 4.45pgi dan terjaga dalam pkul 6.. aku pon telefon emakku dan bercerita tentang mimpi aku ni...*mengadu!!*
Aku berharap biarlah ia hanya sekadar mimpi, mimpi mainan tidur...mudah2an tiada apa2 yang akan berlaku...
"Ya Allah aku yakin padamu.. Engkau la sebaik2 penentu..
dan padaMu jua la tempat kami berlindung...amin "

jewels of islam

An awesome website, answers almost all hot issues related to Islam's Women..elaborates and describes facts about gender equity, status of women in islam, hijab, marriage life etc..
"answer the harsh questions, why are they oppressed? why do they cover up?do muslim men beat their wives? forced marriage...child brides? where are the rights for ISLAM women?"

Who are the women of islam?? Kita kah?? sapa kah??
*retorik semata, tidak perlu dijawap*
  • How deep we know about our rights as a woman in Islam, and how well we can explain to others bout us?, to avoid misunderstanding about islam?? etc..etc??
  • Why are we wearing hijab? because all of ur friends wearing it? because ur parent/bf told u to do so? why??
  • My theory, i think that the reason why lots of muslim girls/women nowaday are so easy to take off their hijjab, happily posting their free-hair photos on facebook,friendster etcc..because they actually dunno why they're suppose to wear hijab.. and or mybe they just dont have any ideas why wearing hijjab is obligatory to muslim women... POZOR, ni hanya theory aku!..Sebab ada article psychology yang aku penah terbaca berkata [lebih kurang mcmni la ayat dia..xingt sgt!] ' Kalo kita lakukan sesuatu tanpa mengetahui reasons/tujuan kita buat benda tu, kita sangat terdedah kepada masalah tidak tetap hala tuju, mudah terpengaruh dengan stimulus dari luar, dan seterusnya apa yang kita lakukan xakan kekal lama.. '

Tutasnya disini, i'm not wearing tudung labuh, sumtime i'm not covering my aurat to the max , i always trying hard to skip my usrah back in school, and up till now sumtime *peace!*, i'm not perfect either, and I'm just an ordinary muslim woman.. sepatah kata-kata dalam lagu the reason by hoobastank tu:

" i'm not a perfect person
there are many things i wish i did'nt do
but i continue learning....."

understand islam better..? there're many ways to do so ; reading...5minit before sleep or 15minit out of lagha2 time on the net, click some buttons on ur lappy go to some blogs, webpages etc and read!, understand n try to implement in daily life..i know it easy to talk but pretty hard to do rite?? sama2 la kita usaha yerkk..xdapat banyak sikit2 pon jadik la :o)

okey la sebelum lagi melalut,

people! i highly recommend u guys to visit the link above...there are many articles and even books available in the webpage for us to read :o)

Tribute to kak belle for the link..

Sunday, May 10, 2009


davidchoi -love-*credit to fatin this vid!

below, video from Jen. Chung...her original song...pretty cool too~

-common, simple,beautiful-

Saturday, May 9, 2009

engkaulah duniaku..


Puan Marsita binti Suradi

Selamat hari ibu mak!!
koin tahu tiada sepotong ayat pun yang perfect yang mampu mengambarkan dan mencurahkan sepenuh perasaan koin sekarang ni..
namun satu je koin nak mak tahu dan ingat sampai bila2 bahawa anak mak ini sangat2 sayang Mak!!begitu juga Ayah dan semua :o) *nnti yg laen jeles plak~!*
terima kasih...terimakasih yang tidak terhingga diatas segalanya, Mak!

BIDADARI by Faviq& Ridwan

kau lah wanita pertama yang ku cinta
kau semaikan cintamu di dalam dada
kau anugerah dari yang Maha Kuasa
ibunda ku engkau lah dunia ku

terjaga dari tidurku
kau hadir di dalam mimpiku
sekian la tak bertemu
menahan hati yang merindu

sekuntum kenangan terindahan
ketika ku lelap di pangkuanmu
sejak dulu kau selalu
selalu hadir untukku
walaupon terkadang ku resahkan hatimu

sejak dulu kau selalu
selalu hadir untukku
walau terkadang kuresahkan hatimu
kau lah wanita pertama ku cinta
kau semaikan cintamu didalam dada
kau anugerah dari yang Maha Kuasa
ibunda kau teduhkan jiwaku

Cinta Pertama - Faviq & Ridwan

before that, enjoy this video... it's sooo awesome..tribute to hakimi for sharing this video~!

Friday, May 8, 2009

pictures of life..

Sekarang ni kurang berperasaan nk blogging..tapi rasa dah terlalu banyak aku miss nak cerita pasal event2 yang aku ikuti dan aktiviti aku sepanjang musim2 bunga ni..kerana kemalasan tahap karma yang ku alami sekarang ni so aku just nk list sket2 n upload a few photos yang berkenaan dengan event2 listed...enjoy it~

1. Makan2 di Cejpova
Perkara ni dah berlaku agak lama,bulan 3 or 4, makan-makan ni dilangsungkan memandangkan ramai juniors yang bertanya2 dimanakah rumah kami sebenarnya.. Jadi kami mengambil keputusan untuk membuat majlis makan2 serba ringkas untuk adik2 junior batch03...kurang ingat sangat apa2 yang berlaku sebb dah agk lama, tapi kami yang berhasrat utk membuat nasi ayam bertukar arah kepada makan nasi kerabu buatan mama kami, memandangkan ketandusan ayam halal disini... :o) sedihkan..hahaha~
apepun thanks to all juniors yang datang..atas ni gmbr bersama2 juniors perempuan..lelaki xmuat dah nk masok gmbr..hehe~

2. Makan2 di Palachova
Seterusnya, kami dan RNR pulak dijemput ke Palachova untuk seisi makan2 yang lazat.. makan mee kari, puding caremel, kek batik, fries, etc...memang best r,thanks korg!... before balik kitorg maen2 kat bawah tu, ada yang maen badminton, ada yang men roller-blade etc..ehehe~
bohuzel [read: unfortunately], xamek gambar masa ni..hehe~
3. Picnic Girls Batch 02

Picnic ni berlaku di jurasicky sady...kawasan pertembungn dua sungai yang memang jadi hotspot dikala spring ni.. Almost semua warga2 batch 02 hadir...kitorg makan2, pastu men badminton, then golek2, then amek2 gambr lompat2..hehe~
bajet sun-bathing r nie?hahahak~

the makanans~

4. Graduate night
Graduate night ni berlangsung setiap tahun untuk celebrate graduates yang bakal jadi doktor.. so semua budaks medic LFHK dijemput hadir la,tapi kena beli ticket la bukan free..haha~
majlis ni biasanya diorganized by students 4th year every years untuk graduates..hoho~
Pada asalnya aku memang malas nk pegi since from experience, graduate night ni bosan yang teramat!!hoho~ tapi atas sebab2 tertentu aku dan a few rakan2 laen pegi la jugak, bukan juga untuk berhibur tapi cukup la untuk menjaga image malaysia..hehe~

5. Prague + Funfare bersama RNR
Cuti labour day 3hari.. kami ke prague pada hari jumaatnya, makan sushi, shopping2 then balikk...nex day kami pegi funfair, ramai2 bersama RNR, aku maen Bumpercar je.. Xsanggup aku nak uji Adrenaline, Vestibular apparatus dan GIT system aku!hehe jadi Raini dan Chenad la gagah maen2.. cerita lanjut beserta tragedi yang berlaku semasa seisi bermain2 difunfare bole merujuk blog raini or rian.. :o)

oke la itu je setakat ni..

Neway, i've booked my final...semoga tarikh 2 tersebut adalah yg terbaik buatku dan rakan2 laen.. moga dipermudahkan dalam segala urusan hendakNya insyaAllah :o)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

kenangan manis kau dan aku....

oke i cant stop laughing when i think about my life back in highschool & primary school i miss the good old days..huhu... when we're having our dinner just now, suddenly my housemate pops out with a sentence "eh korang kalo tgok gmbar zaman2 sekolah dulu korg rase x korg huduh giler,selekeh aku je rasa mcm tu??" hahahah.. then we continue our kemerepekan by flashback-ing all the sweet-old-crazy memories that all of us ever had before...

sakan la gelak..!! ye la mana xgelaknya, ada yang penah pakai sluar kaler gold tudung kaler ungu g kokorikulum, rase 'hot' giler dah tyme tu padahal giler sengal je ..ade plak yang pakai tudung labuh macam makcik hilang anak sampai malu nak tgok gmbar sendiri balik semula hahaha..ada yang rasa semua gambarnya mesti pakai satu jenis tudung tu, tudung kaler merah, sebab rasa tudung tu la paling cantek, padahal hahaha korang sambung la ayat aku tu hahaha...citer laen plak, ada yang pakai tudung konon dah bajet comel la tyme tu padahal bila tgok balik gmbar tu skrg giler selekeh anak tudung tejulur kedepan ntah ape2.. dan banyak la lagi... lawak la...hahahha~

above are just about cloths and stuffs like that, belum cakap lagi pasal perangai yang ntah apa2.. ada yang nerd, skema patuh je bulat2 kate orang, ada yang macam syai*an pon ada..hahaha~ macam2 ada la sepatah kata aznil..hahaha~

Sekarang ni aku teringat pasal MRSM Mersing girls night 2003 mase tu aku kelas Acturus 4... bertemakan retro 80's kot...tak ingt sgt tapi pasal retro la.. sakan la semua orang pinjam baju makbapak zaman dlu2 punya..hahaha~

kelas aku bawak lagu Hail Amir & Uji Rashid, Katakanlah.. seingat aku mase tu classmate aku nama faizah yang nyanyi lagu tu.. yang laen sakanla menari twist, memng best giler la tyme tu sebb lelaki & perempuan diasingkan and kitorg buat kt tmpt ape lagi memng giler la semua orang...hehe~

aku yakin korg mesti xpenah dengar lagu tu..sebb sebelum kitorg praktis n pilih lagu tu pon, aku tak tahu pon kewujudan lagu tu..hahahahaa ni lagunya..korg try la dengar :o) kalo korg penah dengar lagu ni kira korg hebat la..haha~

kalo nak diimbau semua kenangan lama memng xhabis la post, jenuh la korg nak bacakan dan penat la tangan aku nak menaip..tapi sekali skala teringat zaman2 muda remaja rasa gembira pulak..hahaha~

korang plak mcmana? ape kenangan paling bes korg??share2 la kalo rajin baru seronok..haha~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tulisan macam cakar ayam??

Okey today, i just want to share something which i think quite interesting which is an article with title "Is our personality written in our handwriting?"..this article reveals the discovery in graphology about the study of handwriting and its relation to our personality..yup, i believe some might not agree with a few points stated in this article [me too!], but i think it's pretty cool to try it..kalo xda keja la..hahaha~
Of all the different methods out there for finding key personality traits, graphology, the analysis of handwriting, seems to make some sense. Think of how much handwriting varies from one individual to another; even the difference between signatures;legible versus illegible, signed with flourish or indistinct, suggests something about the person.

Our scrawls, whether chicken scratch-like or similar to computer font in their consistent neatness, are unique to us. Not even identical twins with their identical genetic makeup have the same handwriting, so there just might be something to the argument that our writing styles are somehow tied to our personalities.
Below are a few principles of graphology that seemed easiest to analyze so that even us non-experts could see what our handwriting potentially reveals :

Unlocking the inner workings of our identities via graphology only requires two items:
a writing utensil and an unlined piece of paper.
If you’ve got old letters or notes with at least a couple paragraphs’ worth of text, the bulk of the work’s already done. but if not, just find something to copy and try to write as naturally as possible.

The study of handwriting involves looking at both small details, like the space between letters, and bigger ones, such as the amount of pressure used when writing. Each characteristic implies something different about the writer’s personality.
- Handwriting analyst Gary Thomas

1. Spacing - Space can operate in a variety of ways when it comes to handwriting.
There are two main things to consider: space between words and space between sentences.[That’s why using an unlined piece of paper is essential—just how much space we put between sentences can provide insight.]
Spacing Between Words: this represents your comfort level when it comes to socializing.
  • Having very little space in between words, like in the photo above, suggests that you are a people-person who craves social contact.
  • A large gap indicates that you have trouble relating to others and might prefer being solo.
  • Those with an average amount of space fall somewhere in the middle.

Spacing Between Sentences in Paragraphs:

  • If it’s difficult to determine one line from another (almost no space), your thoughts might be a bit jumbled and confused.
  • On the other side of the spectrum, large spaces are associated with sharp perception and meticulousness.

2. Line Levels -Another reason to use unlined paper is to analyze the direction your lines travel naturally, such as if they ascend across the page or remain steadily straight. Supposedly, the baseline tells us about our emotional health.

  • Straight: Someone who writes in an exactly straight line could be rigid and methodical, to the point where he/she sees being emotional as having a lack of discipline. Mostly straight lines speak well of a person’s level of self-control and success in a variety of trades.
  • Acending/Descending: If the baseline slopes upward as you write from left to right (as it does in the picture below), you have a positive outlook and are generally enthusiastic and determined. If it slopes downward, that suggests depression, lethargy, or a tendency toward moodiness.
  • Very Wavy: When lines look like the outline of a roller coaster, it might mean that the writer feels emotionally unstable. However, having a slight wave for a baseline is common and generally indicates a balanced emotional outlook.

3. Slant of Writing- Whether writing slants toward the left or right, or if it’s fairly vertical, relates to one’s emotional reaction to situations.

  • Left Slant (\\\): If your writing slants toward the left, it’s possible you have trouble expressing yourself and come off as indifferent and distant to those around you.
  • Vertical (): A lack of slant in writing suggests that you’re guided by logic more than your emotions, but that there’s a fair balance between the two.
  • Right Slant (///): People who write with a forward slant, such as the example pictured below, follow their hearts and are usually more empathetic and caring than most.

4. Size of Writing -how big or small one’s font is represents their concentration skills.

  • Small: belongs to someone with a high concentration level and a superior attention to detail. She operates best when given one task at a time and the ability to tackle it alone.
  • Average: Those who can concentrate just enough to be effective, but not so much that they get caught up in the minute details.
  • Large: Bigger handwriting could point to a fast-moving mind that has trouble focusing on one thing for too long, preferring a variety of responsibilities and tasks.

5. Signature - People who study handwriting, such as Elaine Ness, feel that our signatures demonstrate how we want to be seen by others. They’re indicative of our public identities, but not necessarily our true selves. To best understand how signatures relate to the self, compare it to plain text, such as the body of a written letter.

  • Legible/Illegible: This relates to communication, particularly when it follows something the person has written him/herself. --> If the signature is legible, the person feels comfortable with what’s expressed and wants to associate with it; an illegible signature implies the opposite. --> And if the text and the signature are completely different (the text is legible and the signature is not, or vice versa), that means the individual is adopting a public persona that’s different from the private one.

*An illegible signature alone, like the one pictured above, possibly indicates that the person isn’t all that interested in being publically recognized. And according to Psychology Today, if part of the signature is crossed through, it could be a sign that the person fears negative judgment or is insecure about public perception.

  • Elaborate/Understated: A splashy signature with lots of loops or underscores might belong to someone who likes to show off and craves the spotlight. Some say that having a long line or swoop at the end of a signature is another sign of a person wanting to be noticed, especially if it rises above the rest of the signature. If the signature is small or is almost indistinguishable from the rest of the person’s handwriting, that could mean he is shy and modest.

5. Spacing: What kind of space lies between the first name and last name (or middle name/initial, if that’s included in the signature)?

  • The bigger the gap, the more a person is attempting to remove him or herself from a familial identity and focus on an individual one. The large space between Jane and Doe in the signature below indicates a tension and separation between the two.

Currently, graphology is thought of as a pseudoscience by the scientific community, meaning that it holds about as much clout as astrology or palm reading. There have been numerous studies that attempted to prove its accuracy, but most have been unsuccessful.

There are some points that I disagree with, such as a tail at the end of the signature symbolizing a cry for attention. Plus our handwriting can be affected by outside factors, such as how it becomes more jumbled if we’re in a hurry.

But I believe that studying handwriting could offer some understanding about ourselves, if only because it’s so individualized. Like any other method of personality analysis, it’s just a fun way to deconstruct ourselves in the hopes of getting a glimpse at who we really are. And maybe that’s not exactly written in the stars or our signatures, but it’s still fun to look.

thanks for reading~!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

kenapa si kecil begitu cepat membesar??

*bila homesick! :o(*

Jarang sebenarnya aku dapat berkumpul bervideo conferencing bersama semua ahli keluargaku ramai2.. selalunya ym dengan angah, ngn along, telepon mak n ayah, semua berlaku separately, ye la masing2 dah berjauhan, dan sibuk kerja, study,dengan urusan masing2.. sekali-sekala, menghabiskan seharian berhubung melalui jaringan maya ini..menonton muka masing2, haih terubat rindu...ada mcm muka aku x??hehehe~

my family with my granny~

Sedar x sedar, terlalu banyak perkara yang aku miss dalam hidup aku sekarang...terlalu banyak rupa-rupanya aku ketinggalan...
menyesal? ada juga tapi aku juga yang mahukan dan memilih jalan ni...
sedih?..kadangkala terasa juga, berjauhan..kekurangan masa bersama keluarga..
jeles?..semestinya!!...sangat2 jeles bila mereka berkumpul bersama tanpa aku :o(
tapi kenapakah masa berlalu begitu laju?? dan mengapa si kecil membesar begitu pantas??
Myra yang semakin membesar..hampir berusia 4bulan..
mulutnya bising seperti kucing ketika kami sibuk bervideo-conferencing..mahu bercakap mungkin...
dialah yang paling sibuk menjawap pertanyaan orang seperti sudah mula memahami.. hehe~
haih..rasa nak gigit pipi dia..hehehe...rinduuuu~
Mak: In, muka myra makin besar sama ngn kamu mak tgok...cuba kamu tgok elok2..samakan..hehe..
Koin: hahaha..mesti r sama mak..tengok la aunty dia yg mana yang paling comel..hahaha~
*angah jeles tyme ni..LoL!*aksi tidur..bergaya sungguh!hahaha~
Angah : Ko, tgok ni..kenal xsapa ni??
Koin: Sapa ni mok??Anak sapa ni??
Ayah: X kenal ke... koin x penah jumpa ek masa dia dah besar...
Koin : Sapa ni yah?? xkenal pon.. *masih blurr*
Angah: owhh..haah la ayah koin jumpa Alia masa wed Along je...mase tu brape bulan sgt..
Koin: Alia ke ni?? laen giler muka dia..serius xkenal...*lost~!*

Angah: plak ko kenal x??
Koin: lerhh sapa plak lagi ni??...giler xkenal kerabat sendiri ni...hahaha
Angah: ni aku yakin ko memng xtahu..aku rasa ko tak penah jumpa..
Koin: Sapa ni?
Angah : Anak kak Mai[cousin aku!] la...
Koin : lagi la xkenal..hahaha memng xpenah jumpa lagsung kot..rasa penah jumpa pon masa wed along jugak tu pon dia dalam perut kak mai lagi...
*semua ketawa..hahaha~*

Ayah : In, tahu x Zura [cousin aku!] dah kawen??bulan satu mase dah bgtahu ek? Ira pon dah bertunang..jap suro angah send gmbar..
Angah: Mok, semua orang dah kawen dan dah nak kawen tau..hoho
koin: Nape ko xsabar nak kawen jugak ke mok?
Ayah: hahaha.. ayah terima je kalo baim hantar rombongan..hahaha
Mak: Jangan nak ngada2..belajar xabes dan sebuk nak kawen..
Along: Xpayah...xpayah..abes belajar baru pikir kawen..belajar2 sebuk nak kawen..nnti belajar kemana..ape semua kemana..
Angah: xda la mana ada orang nak kawen sekarang..kan ke nak tunggu koin kawen sekali...
koin: hotak ko mok..hahahhaha aku plak..ko tunggu aku nak kawen, sempat ko jadi anak dara tua r..lari baim ko nanti..hahaha *semua gelak~*

haih..rindu betul rumah!!..
rindu dah bergolek2 & bersembang sampai pagi..
rindu nak dengar ayah dan mak jeles-menjelesi..
rindu nak supper kat sungai ara, sentosa, kubur cina etc...
rindu jugak nak dengar ayah bebel2 & ngacau anak2nya tido pagi2 nak ajak g breakfast roti canai~
rindu nak bergossip ngn semua..hehe~
cepat la...nak balik mesiiiaaaaa....
final :o( uwaaa~
rindu masakan emak sangat2 ni~! *high!*
" blaja elok2..nanti senang boleh cepat balik mesia kita raya ramai2 tahun ni.. *sebak!* xpa susah2 dulu Nak, nnti kemudian senang... usaha betul2, doa banyak2 insyaAllah abes kat sana lagi brape tahun je lagi dah bole balik malaysia...jangan sedih2, mak n ayah sentiasa doa yang terbaik untuk kamu *xtahan sudey~* " -Mak-
"ayah yakin anak ayah boleh la.. buat yang terbaik oke.. ayah xle tolong apa2 selain doa ayah.. kamu jaga diri baik2" - Ayah-

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Award ni datang dengan a few rules and they are:

1. Copy badge
--> yup diatas!

2. Ceritakan siapa yang beri award ni.
SYUD aka syuhada azman.. mula bersua ketika di MRSM mersing, aku Acturus dia Bimasakti, sebelah kelasku..
Sekarang mempelajari ilmu farmasi di cyberjaya..rajin berkarya dan beliau merupakan koordinator satu laman web Seni bernama
Pandai mengarang dah bijak berkarya..kreatif! pernah menerbitkan buku dipasaran semasa..
peramah dan best :o)
3. Ceritakan 10 fakta mengenai diri anda:
malas dan rajin...
semakin mengemok..namun tidak pula meninggi :o(
sedang berusaha menjadi dokter berkaliber..
rindu kt family di malaysia sgt2!!!
dan tidak pernah menyentuh anak saudaranya yang comel yg sudahpun berusia 4bulan..
menyesali kehilangan banyak masa untuk bersama keluarga kerana berjauhan..tetapi bersyukur dengan segala yang dicapai sampai ketahap ini
pretty suck in language!
kuat makan n tido n melagha..shoping!
i love living my life on my own..advice needed but, i dont need anyone to rule/conquer my life..
having such a wonderful family who understand me the best!!

4. Pilih 6 penerima award seterusnya dan nyatakan nama mereka:
Bek Izzani
Bek Ocheed
Bek Intan
sepatah kata shud...korg layan je la tag kanak-kanak rebena nih..
jom bwat lawatan muhibbah ke blog mereka dan bagitahu mereka telah dianugerahkan award ini! terjah mode!!
sebelum tu jom layan lagu 'The Medley' ni dari Mujhse Dosti Karoge ni, tgah hindustan mode ni..