Saturday, April 24, 2010

tahu vs mahu

Today i was like 'terbukak hati' nak pegi usrah kt baitul's quite long since the last time i went to any usrah program actually....
today talk was about GF.. serangan fikiran... it was quite interesting tho to listen to such talk since i myself do realize about all these things that happen around me...but it's just sometime my ignorance is shadowing those reality from bad!huhuhu...ok dont wanna talk further about it since im not that good in explaining all those stuffs..hoho
ok today i was like thinking about my coming final exam... as next week is the last week pf april, i think i've to move my butt and work hard start from now... if not i think i'll be in big trouble...

oppp chenad ajak tgok cerita hantu jap! gtg...will continue after this :)

ok la dah malas nk taip...hahaha
nk studyyyyyyyyyyyy~ bye2!

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