Sunday, October 31, 2010

mexican mangoes...?

Mexican mangoes----> Kerabu Mangga
....a spontaneous idea came after meronda-ronda in Tesco Dum this evening with my housemate..thinking of buying a mango to eat, so try to find a ripe one,but none of them look ripe enuf to be eat end up buying not-so-ripe mango and come out with the idea of making this kerabu mangga hehe..
go tru some recipies on the net...and finally taaadaaaa~~
my 1st kerabu mangga :) :)
since it was licin dibelasah oleh my housemates so bule kate success la kot :P :P hahaha~

Another menu we had for dinner tonight was this unique yet delicious food made by chenad keke~ she used chives, eggs, garlics, carrots...fried them all together with some sauces...
Chives Omelet??...or much better Fried Chives with Carrots? hahaha...ok whatever the name is... this one is simply tasty!!hehe :o)

ni la activity random kami dihujung minggu :P


I.n.t.a.n said...

agak2 leh celen kerabu mangge kt umah aku 5 taun dlu x bek.hahaha

kokochan said...

hahaha kerabu mangga 5 tahun dlu tu epic weyh! memng xle nk celen..haha!
aku pon da tak ingt rasa dia mcmana bek 5tahun da kot :P hahaha