Sunday, May 23, 2010

tumpang lalu..

oh soo longg since the last time i'm updating this blog...sometime i just forgot about having a blog...too busy with all the youtube & study things and not to forget the Kpop waves that hits me currently..and NOW the final exam..aaaaa~
Alhamdulillah i've done with one which is psychology final last week...and the next day after tumorow gonna have pathophys final...i'm soo freaking out now... cant really tell whether i'm ready or not, yep i've done reading & go tru everything...i'm just hoping i can remember wat i've read and get a nice questions..i'm just hoping for the best...
anything that might happen on the 25th...i'll accept it with all my heart...because i know Allah knows the best for me :) strong heart & strong mind...hihi :p
ok gtg...kena study! nnti lagi stress....

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