Thursday, July 9, 2009

the peace and the joy...

segala puji bagi Allah yang memiliki dan menguasai setiap perkara..

Last Thursday 9/7, i did my last exam, biochem and Alhamdulillah i passed it..thanks for Prof. Stoklasova for the signature~!
Overall i'm so grateful and satisfied with all my exam results for this year!..Alhamdulillah..
so now i'm officially finished my 2nd year, except for the practical training for a week which i'll do in Malaysia during this summer break..
Generally i've another 4years to go before becoming a GP :o) ...still a looong journey ahead..
i tink not to give up and work hard are the best medications along the way...i'll do watever it takes even how tough it'll be and how hard it is..
Hope Allah will bless our journey and eases our way! Ameen..

tagline mase exam period!haha~

and after 2 years celebrating Eid Fitr in Czech Republic, far away from family and all the delicious raya foods/cookies...finally, i can celebrate raya in malaysia this year!...alhamdulillah!!! Seronok gilerrr :oD

Okeyh, I'll be in malaysia from 15july2009-27sept2009...about 2 and a half months.. and i've booked my flight ticket...this year i'll flying home with Emirates from Frankfurt Germany, which is one of czech neighbouring countries...below r briefly about my flight...
FRANKFURT, Germany to KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia
14 July 2009 [Tuesday] Frankfurt --> Dubai
15 July [Wenesday] Dubai --> Kuala Lumpur

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia to FRANKFURT, Germany
27 Sept 2009 [Sunday] Kuala Lumpur --> Dubai
27 Sept 2009 [Sunday] Dubai --> Frankfurt
* Frankfurt, Germany to Prague,Czech Republic --> Bus :o)

hope to have a safe journey home! pray for us!

i suppose to clean my house and pack my things now, but MALAS!!... right now, i just wanna lazying around and sleep..haaaihhh ape nk jadi ni...

owhh, forgot one things, i went to podebrady last friday.. and bought tonnes of crystals untuk di bawa pulang...mesti my mum senyum melebar melihatnya nanti :o)

one more thing!, i'm so crave for Sambal Sotong!!!! I'll ask my mom to cook for me banyak2!!! xsabarr.....

okeyhh la.. wanna sleep! bye..


MissNico said...

welcome back home Koin!!! hhuhuhu..moh beraya kat Mesia okeh!!

hirumi said...

dudette, ko sampai KLIA 15hb kul berapa?,sape lagi comrade ko?

SupeR HoLky-HOOD said...

sambal sotong..sambal sotong...sambal sotong..
mcm bace jampi dh rse..kui3..;p
smpai blh trbyg2..

mg Allah prmudahkn urusan kt sume iA..weeeeee~

B02 baitul musab

kokochan said...

miss nico:
hehehe waniiieee...seronok!! doakan kitorg selamat pegibalik ok :)

kokochan said...

pkul 2.35ptg...y??
balik ngn Rian, Fara, Lah, Anis and Keyla..6org..huhu
korg gerak n sampai bila??

kokochan said...

yeahhh...sambal sotong!! *drooling*
yup2, smoga Allah permudahkan urusan kita...selamat pergi dan balik..ameen!

s.c.h.u.l.t said...

slamat pulang!! :D

lama tu cutiiiiiii..hehe

kokochan said...

yesss!! nk rehat ckup2 sambil mengemokkan badan..hikhik!

hirumi said...

koin,haha,aku baru perasan, gambar seat emirates tu yang business class punya kan?hoho.nice one! ;p

muhammad noor ismail said...

congratz dah pass exam sumer n congratz dpt beraya dgn family.. wah, balik naik business class tuh.. mantap2 ;p

btw, blk czech balik on 27th? same with me.. but different flight ;p kul brape nanti flight on 27th?

Akmar Anuar said...

koko da abeh exam!
koko dah ade kat mesia!

i am hepi for u!!

congratz sebab dapat result yg diimpikan!!

tak saba nak panggil kokochan as a doctor...
da jadi GP jgn buli pharmacist ye???

fathinaina said...

wpun da agak still, congrats!! hehe.. *smbal sotong! smbal sotong!*

kokochan said...

Hirumi&mdn0or: flight tu gmbr je la..Adeyh, mesti la ec0n0my clss je..Haha.. Flight on 27sept 2.00am..Sama ke?

kokochan said...

Akmar&fathin: thanksal0tss!!

muhammad noor ismail said...

owh.. lain time maa.. takpe2, jumpe kat czech jela nanti, yer..
hepi holiday.. moga cuti ni byk aktiviti bermanfaat ;p