Saturday, October 3, 2009

chilling autumn..

Subject Third year 09/10
Microbiology II
Medical Immunology II
Physical Examination in Internal Medicine
Medical Psychology
Internal Medicine
Essentials of Surgery

Electives subject --> Subject tambahan suka-suki
Medical Czech 1&2
Introductions of Toxicology
Microbiological Aspects of tropical infectious disease
Cellular Pathobiochemistry

masa practical kt malaysia

the subjects i enrolled last week..means the subjects i've to study from now on..
just bought a new stethoscope..& some quite thick med bookS! -> gonna be happy if i can finish reading 'em from cover to cover!hoho~
heard from seniors that this 3rd year gonna be a bit challenging..but well, it's too early to make any hypothesis...
so, just get ready for any suprises coming up in this new semester..prepare mentally & physically for any obstacles, up & down etc...
pretty worry bout myself since i still in the mood of holidays! sigh!->hv to pay attention on this problem..

so, we'll see what's up next :)

PS/: Thanks Baitul Umar & Medium for the Open House!


akusygdia said...

dun't worry..
akk tau..
u can do my dear sis..
gambatte kudasai..
same2 kite kejar kejayaan..amin..

sueabubakar said...

betul tu!
koko chan! ganbarimassssu!!!