Saturday, September 27, 2008

17 benefits of tribulations..

"...If u believe Allah is with you, Allah is with you BUT If you believe Allah is not with you, He is not with you....."
"..what you see in the world is just the metaphore of the unseen world.."

  1. " will realise the power of the lordship over you, you realise that Allah is Rabb..."
  2. "..realise your complete stage of resignation and brokeness before the will and the power of Allah.. "
  3. "...the third benefit is the sincerity to Allah, because one has no place to return in putting off or defending against the calamity accept to Him.."
  4. "..that he return to Allah SAW and suddenly its proven in his desire of his Lord..returning back to his Lord.."
  5. "..lead to humble stage for God and prayers.. when a harm afflicts a person he come on us...Allah afflicts people he loves just to hear them call on Him..."
  6. "your forbearing towards the one who has afflicted you...there're different in the ranking of forebearing based upon the differences of the calamity weather it's great or small..the blessing is the ability to show forbearing..
  7. "..forgiving people that actually done you a wrong..those who forgive people, Allah loves those people...forgive them for the sake of Allah.."
  8. " be patience during the tribulations.. Allah is with the patience one..when you show patience it's a great blessing..."
  9. " happy and glad for what happening because of those benefits.."
  10. " ..the tenth is to be grateful for is a cure..Allah only does this to benefits us.."
  11. "...the purification that this calamity have towards the wrongs and the sins..what you have been afflicted with is actually much less than what you deserve..should be grateful..."
  12. "..the confession of Allah enables you to show to people that are in tribulation and to help them....if you dont help people that has problems then Allah will give you those problems...we'll be tested with ourself or others..tribulations of others is also a blessing.."
  13. "..tribulation give you the blessing of having true knowledge of the extend of the blessing of the well-being..apreciation.."
  14. "...Allah has prepare from the blessing and the reward of the Akhirah based on this varies rank..Allah has prepared the reward for the calamity that you bares patiencely over the contentment... based on a different rank,people with content will have highest stage in paradise than people that have simply patience.."
  15. "...the hidden inside the fold of the calamity of blessing that another dont know the things hidden in the blessing..."
  16. "...tribulation prevent you from arrogant,evil..."
  17. '..contentment,redha..tribulation afflicts the good and the evil and so whoever doesnt like it then it's just on him,he will lose dunia and akhirat..whoever please with it, he please because he know that paradise is better that anything in this world.."

There are many more benefits of tribulations other that above 17 benefits...
Feel free to watch the video you'll see the positive views on tribulations..
So sit back and relaks and stop complaining when you're in tribulations..
Believe in Allah!!have Faith in Allah!..

ps: i jus notice, it's quiet a number of islamic Post in here lately..i dunno myb i just feel calm and comfortable doing it..nama pon srdce v srdci, from heart to heart i just write anything i feel like writing..things that come across my mind and absolutely truely from my heart...

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