Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rojak satu!

All Malaysian students (girls) studying medicine in Hradec Kralove,Cz

Vitame Vas to the JUNIORs 3rd batch Hradec Kralove..
ok! lets start with the juniors..
they were coming on 23/24/28 sept08..came in 3diff groups; 2 organized by Bested and one by MSU..
seniors responsible to help 'em out with all the needs before registration day! n also the living thingy!
because not so many malaysians students here..nk xnk kena la hulur tangan membantu..
watever it is..i can say it's wonderful to have 'em here..sharing all stories, experiences,jokes..feel like brothers n sisters..nice!
hope they can easily adapt with the diff surrounding and also the educ system here..we the seniors r willing to help them anytime!..
last but not least, Good Luck for the coming tests~
Enrolment of 2nd year Medical students
batch Borhan!
On the 1st day of Eid-ul Fitr we the 2nd years students have to register the subjects for the coming study year! After performing Solat Hari Raya and some makan2, we rush to our University to settle everything..Met zuzzana the secretary of the student division..filling the 'Index Book' with the new subjects..complete the comfirmation of HepB immunity..bus pass..etc
1. Biochemistry -Assoc. Prof. A. Stoklasova MD, PhD
2. Physiology - Assoc. Prof. Z. Cervinkova
3. Basics Patients Care - Mgr. A Tumova
4. Medical Biology 2 - Prof. Dr. M. Cervinka
5. Microbiology - Z. Cermakova D.V.M, PhD
6. Medical Immunology - Prof Dr. J. Krejsek PhD
7. Introduction of Psychology - D. Skorunka MD
8. Czech language 2 - Mgr. Z. Slemarova
elective subjects:
1. Current Health Problems in Students Home Countries
2. Introduction of Cognitive-behavoiural Theraphy
3. Clinical Anatomy
4. Introduction to Research Work
the nex day! class pon bermula..perjuangan pon keep fighting koin!.

Eid Mubarak!
The 1st Syawal was on 30 Sept, same with the enrolment day as i mentioned above..
on the malam raya (nite before the hari raya day!) all Malaysians girls in Hk were breaking their fast in Kak Fifah/Kak Mas house...the main menu was laksa Kedah and Mee Kari..together with cakes, bihun goreng, roti jala we melantak dat nite sampai tersandar...
n after performing solat isya', we do the 'Takbir raya' together..
I was staying at Na Hrade that night...The next day, 1syawal.. after Mandi Sunat Hari raya dan mengalas perut di umah, we went to Medium with our brand new Baju Kurung/Kebarung/etc to perform solat Hari raya with the muslim community here..Bersalam-salaman..Bermaaf-maafan...after dat, once again Makan!!! raya cookies,Lansagna, arabic cakes etc..hehe~
Mood: tersangat Happy walau xdapat raya dgn family..hoho

makan..makan..dan makan

makan lagi..
mengacau chenad~

Raya Open House
On the evening of 1st syawal...Open House di Na Hrade..Main Menu: ketupat NONA yang diimport dari Malaysia, Nasi and was so cool! rasa mcm raya btol..tapi memng raya pon kan...hehe~ again makan lagi dengan banyaknya..chit-chating and everyone leave quite early at about 9pm because sume ada class esoknya...
the second day raya! Open house at Pod Zameckem (sori if wrong spelling!) or rumah kak Bell, kak Hanis and Kak Lene...Nice soto and bihun soup! together with the cakes, fruits blablabla.. Makan lagi... then On this Sunday wud be the Raya celeb at Embassy...Wat a great celebration we had here...

dipagi raya..terkenang daku kepada sidia..lalala

Class dah start! will be bit busy l8r...hope still get time to update diz blog..
Okiedokie..dah malas nk taip..hehe..will be continue l8r..
*gmbr? i'll update l8r..xtransfer n xcollect lagi dr member2!
rasa masih tak terlambat nk ucap..Salam Lebaran..dan Maaf zahir batin!


Lyna Wan said...

saya suka!saya suka!sy suka makan!!
eh, where's me?I'm not in the first pic??

kokochan said...

gv me ur pics!!i'll upload hehe.. haah em just notice geng2 MSU xda..mane korg pegi??!balik dh ke?!hehehe~

Lyna Wan said...

tkocoh-kocoh menyiapkan tket bas,p balai polis apa semua.
ni semua msu pny pasal

heli4ntuse said...

koin..raya kali ni paling best..hehe..sbb ada byk makan2..kesian kat msu guys are very tough..

p.s : koin, nak gmbr kita ramai2 tu ek..dekuju

kokochan said...

lyna:hehe..xpa bersusah2 dulu,bersenng2 kemudian..hehe~
heli4ntuse: yep i agree with dat sttmnt..makan byk,open house byk..heee~ okies nnti transfer tru ym oke~