Friday, October 10, 2008


YESTERDAY, After czech class in med library,i went to Afifah house to discuss about games for 'Sabtu yang Seronok', a programme for us this saturday ..together with Winnie,fifah,iela,k.Mas, we managed to plan a simple yet fun games..hopefully everyone enjoy the games! While discussing, we had an awesome lunch prepared by afifah..thanks babe!
Jidelni listek!~
Due to our high degree of laziness to go back home, we decided to lepak2 'kejap' dirumah Afifah..till the dinner time comes, lapar lagi, so we agreed to take our dinner at a hotel recommended by our senior, nearby Mnam-Mnam express, behind Adalbertinum stop...i can say it's kinda worth to eat there because of the variety choices of foods and the marvellous taste!!hehe..Suprisingly mase kitorg masuk,the song played in the restaurant was a Peterpan song Dibelakangku..the first Malay/Indon song played in a public place kt sini..agak kagum!!hehe~

TODAY, Fara...After being her patient last week, today is my turn to be the doctor, to withdraw her blood by doing the's quite scary la nk cucuk orang w/o any experience kan,1st time la katekan huhu..tapi it's awesome to hv such an opportunity..rasa mcm dh jadik doktor!hehe*beranganMode!*

before start enjet org!hehe


After finished all classes, we went to EuroCenter to buy some stuffs for tumorrow programme..adventurous gak journey ke EuroCenter tu, sebb xda bus dat time so we decided to take bus cislo 6 and stop at pyram,then continue with bus cislo 12 and stop near kak Aini House..walked from there to the EuroCenter..quite far la hahaha*ayat org malas..lalalala* then after done with shopping thingy we went back to our nest!

TUMORROW, haish...again we hv a gathering, this time it's called 'Sabtu yang Seronok' *sebut gaya sin chan oke!* kt Novy Hradec aka Kota Baru hehe..we did plan some games to tie up our ukhuwah...have fun!

As the intervasity games 2 is around the corner...we also wanna use this gathering as a track to find new fresh talents in sports like futsal,basketball and volleyball to represent Hradec sape2 rase berkelayakan sila la tonjolkan diri masing2 k!hehe~

Below, the promo vid for the Intervasity in Hradec Kralove last year~

Hoping for the best...jom kite tumpaskan kontijen prague yg sungguh belagak tu! hahaha *peace!* kpd Kralovians yang masih belum membeli baju Merah menawan ni bole order ngn kak Hanis for girls and potter bagi kaum jejaka,hanya 200kc je!

ok gtg..! it's all for now!...
wait for an update bout 'Sabtu yang Seronok' akan dtg..see ya'll soon~


hirumi said...

jom jom kita tumpaskan kontinjen prague yang agak menang besar last year.kontinjen olomouc tu dah bleh dikira dalam kategori abaian.hehe.kidding :p

kokochan said...

hahaha..btol3!awas akan kebangkitan Hradec kali ini..hehe~