Friday, March 27, 2009

long shot

Finally, after such a tiring week, test after test.. now i'm free!!alhmdllh..even only for just 2days,weekend, but it's more than enuf, bole la rehat2 jugak...
oke, i dun waant to continue talking about my boring life... but just wanna share my happiness with you guys, Harini saya berjaya download complete brand new album from Kelly Clarkson, All i ever wanted...xda la impressive sgt kan..tapi gembira la jugak..hahaha~
oke bagi sape2 yg xkenal sape Kelly Clarkson ni.. meh sini dengar aku nk cerita!hahaha~
Kelly Clarkson ni pemenang American Idol season 1, 2002
Sampai ke saat ni dia dah ada 4albums:
1st Album : THANKFUL was released on 2003
Songs: Miss Independent, Beautiful Disaster, A moment like this
2nd Album: BREAKAWAY 2004
Dalam album ni dia start try pop-rock style of musics
album ni dapat multiple-platinum
songs: Since you been gone, Behind the hazel eyes, Because of you, Gone, Addicted, Hear me, Walk away,
3rd Album: MY DECEMBER realeased on 2007
This album was sold over 20million albums worldwide - Sony
Songs: never again, maybe, sober, can i have a kiss
4th Album : ALL I EVER WANTED was released on March 2009
with her latest single 'my life would suck without you'
My life wud suck without you --> 1st single
never again
i do not hook up --> 2nd
dont let me stop you --> ni aku suka!:o)
all i ever wanted
already gone
if i cant have you
save you
long shot
i want you
if no one will listen


" With her new album All I Ever Wanted debuting at No. 1 on Billboard's charts and nabbing the second-biggest opening-week sales of 2009, Clarkson has reestablished herself as a pop-music princess — and one of the few American Idol winners who can still deliver a blockbuster. The buzz around Idol, now in its eighth season, may have diminished, but Clarkson's success is a testament to the show's ability to discover true talent.
Buoyed by the ridiculously catchy singles ''My Life Would Suck Without You'' and ''I Do Not Hook Up,'' Wanted marks Clarkson's welcome return to upbeat tunes after 2007's dreary My December. And at a time when most of her peers seem to be aiming for smut, not smarts, ''Hook Up'' serves as a refreshingly restrained anthem.
With a publicity blitzkrieg that's included performances on Idol, Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, and The Oprah Winfrey Show, Clarkson has further proved she's the real deal. The only pyrotechnics this 26-year-old needs when she walks on stage? Her own explosive vocals.

PS: kepada peminat2 American Idol 8!!! agak2 sape menang hek??mybe this time lelaki lagi kot, after david cook last year...hehehehe~!


s.c.h.u.l.t said...

oh tidak tgk american suka kelly. :D

voice i neve eve 4get is australian idol: guy sebastiannnnnnnnnnn! ;)

kokochan said...

yeay shud pon suka kelly..ada geng!hahaha~~tapi suara dia memng best kan!!hehe~
sebastian?australian idol? oke nk g usha jap la.. weeee~~

fatinnadirah said...

mcm best lagu2 album baru :D

kokochan said...

hahaha best2!