Tuesday, March 3, 2009

lucky to have been where i've been..

Siaran tertunda on wat happen last saturday:

Mesra and Makan programme was held here in Hradec Kralove sponsored by Malaysia Embassy in Czech Republic..Using the money given by the Embassy to us, malaysian students in HK, I think there's no exact reason on why this programme was carried out but just to make sure the money given is used effieciently and fairly by all of us here in Hradec Kralove.. So, together with some Prahans [Malaysian students from prague], The gentlemen of HK were going to Novy Hradec Kralove and having futsal and volleyball friendly-match there...
While for the ladies, we were having so much fun with our simple but sweet games in Medium..
I think the games that we, the girls, played were reminiscing me alot of my old good days back in school..since all of them were very familiar back to that era[zaman2 sekola! :o)]...
So, briefly about the games we played that day..

Firstly we had teka-teki by Cek Mek [one of my juniors!]..
then we were divided into 5groups and were instructed to gv a name to our own group... My group name was Belacan!!!! [Raini, Shu, Ijti, Keyla, Lyna, Me]..
and afta that, we had quiz-like games ; 1st round was the berebut part! memang kecoh giler.. the 2nd round, we've to choose one topic from the listed topics [antaranya : Am, Czech, Sukan, Medic, campur2]..Memang huru-hara la semua group, tapi bes!...
Then, we have been given a paper & pen to fill in three names of our friends, excluding the names of our group members!, to the coresponding characteristics mentioned by the organiser, such as Rajin, Sporting, etc...

The last games was fashion show...we've to be designers and create a brand new cloth for spring collection from surat kabar and then kena memperagakannya... kinda interesting since i tink the last time i did the same game was when i was in form 2, masa camping kalo xsilap..hehe~
Then after we've finished all the games... we were going to Novy Hradec, the place where the guys were playing futsal and volleyball, to eat...eat...eat..hehehe~
after eating, chit-chating, playing volleyball/basketball, i went back to Cejpova, my home sweet home..went back alone since my housemates have meeting for Malaysian Night..balik masak then lagha with my lappy!!hahaha

Itu la perjalanan hidupku weekend yg lepas..this week, precisely on sunday..we've small majlis bgi menyambut ketibaan duta besar malaysia ke czech repulic menggantikan Datuk Salman yang telah meninggalkan kami di sini pada december yang lepas..huhu..tentang majlis tersebut akan di update kemudian oke..!! wasalam..


ijan said...

kamu nmpk gembire la...

lynawan said...

aww, malu i.

.::*~nadia~*::. said...

oh my group,belacan ^-^

kokochan said...

ijan :
bek..maen2 sape xgembira..hahaha~

lina, among the top model that day!hehehe~

hidup belacan!
belacan..belacan..belacan..belacan... [sebut dengan nada meninggi~!]

keLLa said...

ade gambar lina kat sini rupenyer..

gambar seksi lina.:P

kokochan said...