Thursday, December 24, 2009

meet me halfway

I'm back from Paris...Paris was awesome!, but now im not into writing about my journey there..not in the mood yet... wait until i finished my trip to poland, perhaps!.. so i can update em together :)

Im soo bored! selamat la ada my lappy ni... actually, rather that mengadap laptop 24/7, i have another good option to do--> which is to study!!!!! *buat2 pengsan* ..once the chrismas break is over, the Final Exam period will starts and i've 2 Oral final exams & 1 Slide test for Pathology Credit.. but as for student like me holiday means holiday la kannn!!! reading 2-3inched med books during hols??? nahhhhh i dun think it's a great thing to do -->but read manga is orite!.. maybe kena tunggu end2 of holiday kot kalo rajin pon..hihi...*ketuk kepala sendiri 3kali* memng xda kesedaran moral sungguh...bila tiba exam period je semua angan2 tercipta, bila tyme cuti2 ni semua punah cmtu je..*sigh!* very lazy to study these days! ape la nk jadikk...koin ooo koinnn...

ok stop there, with my housemates this evening going out to pekan hradec , about to withdraw some money since mara just give our monthly allowance for January plus some other allowances..ingt nk buy some stuffs untuk ke poland plak.. unfortunately, pekan Hradec MATI!!!! was soo dull & not so many people u can see around there, the bank was closed & same goes to other shops for the chrismas we used the ATM machine instead since dah takde cashh langsung neh :( *sedih*

up till now, i already finished a few anime series..and still anime-ing.. i'm actually waiting for megavid can be used again to watch Skip Beat! since that the only option available to watch*sigh!*... i just dunno how come i can be setabah ini..selamat dah tgok halfway, 12 out of 25 epis.., just drop by here to check my gatal tangan nk post la dia...huhu~

korg layan la video, kt bawah ni... but only suitable for 18yrs old & above k :P

Result PMR keluar harini..and i did text my sis this morning.. i know, after putting so much effort, she must be frustrated & upset with the result that she got.. if only i can hug her right now...huhu.. i always wish her the best in wateva she'll decide to do after this.... InsyaAllah rezeki Allah ada dimana-mana, kita usaha & bertawakal la...Allah knows the best & May He eases us in everything we do :) Fighting!!!!

*homesick!!! *


Anonymous said...

betul tu. rezeki di mana2! smg koin dan adik-beradiknya terus berjaya! :)

kokochan said...

hikhik..thankss sue!!
lama xnampak berlegar2 di blog2, busy ke?? bila graduate? dah last sem kan?