Friday, January 1, 2010

harapan hatiku...

After such a long 2009...
reminiscing all the memoirs of 2009 make my heart aching & frankly, me about to cry..
the joy, beautiful,happy, enjoyable, sad, frustrating moments we cherished in that year...
what a beautiful year.. and i guess every single moment i spent here very valuable for me & either directly or subconsciously i think i learned a lot from all that...
and i'm hoping the 'collections' from 2009 do help me in preparing myself to face everything ahead..short-termly for 2010 ; long termly for my career soon :)
Dr. Nurul Ain binti Razali will be commencing soon...hahaha~
*berangan2 sambil terapung2 diawan biru :P*

alrite, let's steps a few yards backward..
enjoying the remnants left from 2009 :)
tekan "kliksini" untuk review post2 lepas related to cerita :P

Cuti-cuti malaysia July-Sept... celeb hari raya with family after 2years sambut kt CZ, berjalan2 melawat relatives & holidays kt perak together after such a long time xberkesempatan nk spent time together :) --> the most precious moment for me!!!!,.. hoping this coming summer will be the same & i'm hoping everything gonna be fine with my final so i can spend longer time in malaysia this summer hols..fighting! :) [kliksini!]

Housewarming Buzulucka 431 : leaving cejpova 420 end of november 2009 and moving into our brand new house in Magestra mesta - Buzulucka 431... [kliksini!]

Intervarsity Olomouc : the annual event in which all malaysians student in all uni in czech rep gather :) [kliksini!]

TPMG - marvellous event for our souls.. enjoyed with Dr MAZA [ex-mufti Perlis] speech & the breathtaking place! :) [kliksini!]
Snow : among the most looking-forward moment for all students here every winter :)
graduates night 09 : celebrating our fellow friends graduating for the year :)
welcome to the world Docs!

Malaysian Night 09 : full with controversy..hahaha..however it's perfectly done by the committes & the Malaysians students here! a very enjoyable night and i felt proud to be apart of malaysian students :) [kliksini]

Italy - Chrismas break last yearr :)
jika diizinkan, i'll come back again to Italy esp Rome & Milan.. very magnificent & beautiful cities! [kliksini]

many more to list actually, but it's ridiculous to list all em here..just highlighting a few interesting events in 2009..
ahha, wanna add one most important moment eventho i'll experience it every year till i graduate ; during the final exam period for 2nd year...hihi :) betol rasa macam telur dihujung tanduk.. my friends & i which in same batch about 10 of us live together in an apartment.. makan, study, risau, the burden, nangis,sedih, gelak... everything we shared together...! i love the moment! :)

okey la..perut lapar plak...
wanna wish u guys,
Happy New year 2010 everyone!
lets pray for a splendid year ahead :)
ameen :)


Akmar Anuar said...

entry ni byk gambar koin..hehe..
macam da leh ingat dah dlm otak ni :D

doktor, happy new year! xD
jaga diri leklok kt sane..kurang2 kan dengan anime tu..huhu =p

kokochan said...

haah baru perasan!hahaha..mcm post nk promote diri senirik plak *blushing!*
haa..ingt betol2 nnti kalo terjumpa kenal :P

happy new year to you too..
kurgkan animee..??! warghhh...hahahaha~