Saturday, April 25, 2009

free dental check-up!!

Salam.. guys! Ni nk buat iklan sket..
I've a friend from dentistry class who offers me free dental check-up, and she also asks me to open this offer to all of my friends.. So here it is...
she is a 3rd years student here in LFHK, still studying and she can help us to do the basic dental check-up and myb some stuffs like filling etc...
everything is for FREE!!..
It's like a mutual interaction you know... we got the free dental check-up, and she [mybe with her friends] can practicing their skills that they've learned..

So, the check-up will be at dental clinic on 30April at 2pm,
also on 14th, 21th, and 28th of May at 12 or 2pm...
...or maybe we can talk and discuss more bout the time n date with her later on...

so, anybody interested?
If interested.. dont hesitate to nudge me [ym,comment box, face2face] and inform me oke..
i'll give u her phone number! and you can further ask her anything u wanna know about the check-up :o)
..or myb if u wanna ask me anything just leave it here in the comment box or juzz buzz me on ym..thanks! lepaskan peluang keemasan ini..hehe~!


hirumi said...

benda yang paling aku tidak suka ketika berada di kelas tadika.BERJUMPA DOKTOR GIGI~!hehe
tapi kini,tiada lagi.. ;p weehoo!

~ rianus ~ said...

i takut doktor gigi!!

hirumi said...

escalator takut.doktor gigi takut.apa lagi yang hang takut eh rian?kiki :p

~ rianus ~ said...

ces..kun2 sunbae..
klu nk list..byk jugak nih..

kokochan said...

apasal semua org takot g jmpa dentist ni??waaa~ kompius!!

btol gak pot ek..byk tol rian ni tkot..hehee~
rian sila list apa lagi yg anda takot?hahaha~