Sunday, April 5, 2009

thank you!

I would like to thanks to all malaysians for the wonderful nite we have last nite!!!

and not to forget all the 300 plusplus people who come and make our malaysian night more enjoyable and best giler....thank you..!

Personally i impressed with all of us...even we were so busy with all the tests and stuffs but still we managed to make such a great event...

thanks to all people who work hard to make this event happen!

i'll be updates everything about our malaysian night here later once i get the photos and video!

dah2 jom sambung study!


lynawan said...

yeah,it was great to know other people.
and great to learn new thing such as mencocok satay.
cuma, baru nmpk the importance of time and yg xbes,financial xkukuh.
overall, i love to see us Malaysian in our traditional attire

kokochan said...

yeah! i absolutely agree with u lina..hehe~!
akak pon 1st time belajar menebar roti jala kt sini tau..haha~!