Monday, April 27, 2009

nak tapau bekalan x??

Salam everyone, today i wud like to share sumthing which i think important for me to talk about...eventho i might not an expert in this field but as a muslim i think i suppose to play a role, to be more responsible on this issue... :o)

There are two things i want to highlight in this post,
the first one is about the aim to build MOSQUE 2010 in HRADEC KRALOVE, donation etc..if you guys realized i've been posted the Mosque logo with the tagline 'Donate for our mosque Hradec Kralove' for quite sumtime on my blog sidebar which u still can see up till now...

<----------------------------------- tam! [there!]

I know some might not notice it ..and i not gonna blame anyone for not noticing it, as for me too, i dunt really look at the pic and stuffs u guys pasted on ur sidebar too..hehehe...

Tak! [read:so!], the reason i eagerly wanna write about this issue is just to adress sum people in HK who still being ignorance and still dunno WTH i'm talking about right now..and also to annouce to muslims all over the world about the project of our Muslim Union here in Hradec Kralove...

Because I tink this is a great opportunity for us as a muslim to make an Amal Jariah..
Esp to all oversea students, because from experience, i know most of us get high 'salary' from our sponsors, dalam erti kata laen kaya-raya i just thinking rather than spending most of our money on ebay, shopping mall, to shop, to travel etc, why not part of it we donate to this project..

"I tink it's not gonna be that hard to do rite..Can spend >50€ for a piece of Guess jeans, 100€ for ZARA overcoat... xkn nk donate kt masjid xboleh kan??.."
*talking to myself !*

Hahaha..oke,all this remind me wat my junior said.."Baju ZARA, Kasut Prada, Handbag Guess, Jacket MNG.. Barang-barang Branded ni bukan bley bawak masuk kubur pon :o) hahaha.."

In fact, i tink most of us know that there're a number of things in Islam that can be consider as a 'amalan berterusan' ...donate to build a mosque is one of amalan which will continuously benefits us eventho kita dah mati kelak...others like anak soleh, derma quran, buku2 ilmiah etc..
*if i'm not mistaken la.. correct me if i'm wrong oke! :o)* so make full use of this opportunity and donate!!!!
oke la... below are the article which i kidnapped from ,
there are also a Cause created for this project in facebook.. so feel free to join!!

"Dear brothers and sisters,

Rasulullah SAW said,

"One who build a mosque in which Allah's names are spoken within it, Allah will build a palace in Paradise for him."

(Authentic by Ibn Majah)

Insyaallah, with Allah's PERMISSION and GRACE, the Muslim Union of Hradec Kralove are planning to build/buy a mosque in our city. Due to the increasing number of Muslims in Hradec Kralove, we think that it is important for us to have a mosque. The mosque will be used to perform daily and special prayers ,Organize events ,Gathering place,Information Centre, Economic centre etc..

Our plan will begin with a project to collect 1 000 000 Kc by June 2010 or approximately 35,090 Euro . We would like to invite you to join us in our cause. Hopefully, we will manage to collect the proposed amount of money within the coming 16 months.
What can you do?
Make an intention towards this project ..Donate...Donate...Donate..

Spread this message to anybody who will be able to help us in this project, try to find sponsors, Copy and paste this post into your blogs, Facebooks, Friendsters, mailing lists etc...

Pray to Allah may this project be successful
Whom to contact for further information?

Azizul Salehudin

Shiraaj Mohd Rasol

Humza Noor

To donate via Pay Pal, please send your money to with the subject Donation for Masjid Hradec Kralove. Thank you."

Next issue i want to highlight here is about the ISRAEL-PALESTINE issue...i know for some people, issue ni mungkin dah lapuk...hoho..
and here i'm also not gonna write any details about the latest updates of the crisis...because i know if u're really2 interested in this issue, forsure some web adresses related to this dah ada kt fingertips anda2 je..hehehe..sila la manfaatkan jaringan maya internet ni, hehehe...
Oke,here is just a short monolog luaran from me.. wat i feel...etc.. kalo xnk baca bley stop disini oke.. :o)
ermm.. I just read my senior’s blog, her latest update about Israel/US- Palestine/Islam Crisis.. i dunno but i felt so stupid and shame of myself after reading it..because i keep talking about istiqamah in doing things, but in real, i’m not..feel even bad as i know it’s mentioned in Quran how Allah don’t like people who is preaching but did’nt do what s/he preached..
Oh Allah, please forgive me :o( forgive me.... How cruel i’m for being ignorance and neglecting my brother and sisters...*sigh!*
Oke la i tink i've to stop now..mood larikk~
thanks neway for reading..SALAM~!


Anonymous said...

betul koin! saye setuju!
bile lagi nak bersedekah kan?huhuhu

kokochan said...

jom sedekah ramai2!!