Wednesday, November 5, 2008

seribu satu macam!

Just wanna update you guys with something..tapi tersangat la malas nk taip..
1. Autumn Trip with ASM..
"ASM (Association of medical students in Hradec Králové) would like to invite you to a trip on 8th of November. Goal of our journey will be nice landscape not far from Broumov. "
email yg datang dari ASM... nak release tension??! JOM PERGI jalan2!!!tunggu di hlavni nadrazi hradec kralove sabtu ni..
picca from Broumov attach together with the email..
castle Skaly
2. IGames issues..
Sangat2 kontroversi..suara2 masih kedengaran di CzemsaHK blogspot.."rumah dah siap pahat msih berbunyi"...dah2 la tu kawan2 jom tutup buku iGames, bukak buku kat sebelah tu...hehehe

3. Cognitive Behavioural Theraphy
Today is the last class for the Introduction of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Prof Mariana Bazantova, Overall i can say that the elective subject is pretty cool! you can see clearly ur behavioural/physiological problems and the solution,how to deal with it..we submitted our essay, i do an essay on 'Perfectionisme'. i'm glad that the professor love my essay!
4. USA : Election result..

"Barrack Obama, he is the man who will lead the world" kata Prof. biochem saya tadi... Obama was announced as the America's first black president today.. CHANGES? from bush to obama..will it make any difference? especially for muslim community, what can we expect from him? Better life in Afghanistan and Iraq? no war? no racism? we will see later... A big task waiting for Obama now is the economical problem of the century in US... let's us see what Obama capable to do..

5. Last birthday present

Dalila..Thanks for the presents! ermm..lepas dapat hadiah tu, bersembang ngn Fara: 'Fara, koin rase koin kena buat list date birthday budak2 ni la, ramai bagi card n hadiah kesian diorg kalo nanti time besday diorg koin xingat!xbeskan..' Yes that is wat i feel like doing because it's hard for me to memorize people's birthday! even sumtime my family's pon kena reconfirm balik dengan sape2, lagi la kawan2 kan ..hahaha.. MY BAD! tapi pada sape2 yang saya ingat birthday dia tu kena bwat sujud syukur kot,sangat bernasib baik..hahaha..tapi sekarang mcm nk berazam baru la..nk start listing the date of people's birthday! xda la lost nnti! hehe...berdoa la azam ni menjadi kenyataan, xstart lagi ni busy memanjang..hehe~


I.n.t.a.n said...

beday aku jgn lupe k bekk..
nak adiah paling beso dan mahal
pstu letak skali beberape keping note 50euro dlm tu..haha=P

kokochan said...

woit..mate duitan!hahaha..xle blah nk Euro...demand giler..haha~