Sunday, November 30, 2008

when sacrifices needed...

People! i just wanna share this lyrics with u guys...
em currently kinda addicted with all hilary's songs [lagu lame2!]..hehe...
oke xle lame2 disini..biochem test tomorrow! me! i'm sick of memorizing all these chemical structures, sape la yg bijak sgt menemui semua benda2 ni..haih~
"Someday you will find the place
It's a place where love takes over hate
Then you'll see all the things you do
Affect everyone around you
Then you'll see there's no fear at all
You held my hand we took down that wall
As I looked at you with nothing to say
Now I understand why you pushed me away
I looked far and now I see
That the only one I needed was me. "


Lyna Wan said...

think of the wonder sis.isn't chemistry wonderful.sayang movies tinggal-tinggalkan,sayang biochemistry baca-bacakan.

kokochan said...

agree!!chemistry is wonderful but when talking bout last minute study..everything will be stressful!hehehe...neway, i like ur 'pepatah'..hahaha!