Monday, November 17, 2008

yesterday, love was such an easy game to play...

Jus wanna wrap up evrything happen yesterday!
I dont have any picca with me rite now..i din collect em YET plus i didnt bring my pinky camera during those events..
Yesterday, 12 o'clock i was heading to MEDIUM for the Srdce k Srdci programme with the juniors held by CzeMsa HK...Due to some advice from the JPA officer in Czech republic, Azizul aka Busut the president of CzeMsa HK came out with an idea to make a programme for the students to share experience and tips together with the junior/ students in lower academic the 3rd year will meet the 2nds and the 2nd with the 1st year....
so, yesterday, we talked about subjects in the 1st year, the requirements, tips and advices on how to meet the requirement of the subjects blablabla..starting with general overview about each subjects from the speakers assigned, then we were divided in small group to listen and answer any questions from the juniors...
I can't wait for the next programme for us, the 2nd year students with 3rd year students!.. i think programme like this is very helpful especially for us medical student in HK... thanks everyone!
After the Srdce K Srdci thingy, we went to ayee and awang's house for their housewarming [with zarif..hehe..]...having hot mee curry in a cold evening is so wonderful, ape lagi makan la sampai xingat, the drink, kiwi-susu buatan awang yang sangat unik tu menjadi minuman utama dihari tersebut!...heee~ dapat tapau bawak balik lagi mee curry tu!huhuhu...gumbira~
after that, we[Cejpova+Na Hrade] with 2 olomoucians, azyana n marina went to JYSK, a nabytek to shop! JYSK ni macam IKEA...banyak barang rumah n hiasan2...bohuzel, mase kitorg sampai tu lagi 5minute pkul 6 and the shop is about to close..tapi sempat la mereka beli apa2 yang perlu...hehehe...the we continue our journey to HYPERNOVA , selepas memenuhkan satu troly yang agak besar kami pon beransur pulang..hehe! sempat jugak menpose2 sakan depan hypernova tu...macam xpenah pegi je,tapi xpa sebab ada 2org warga olomouc tu so kira macam tourists la jugak..hahah~
ok la dah malas nk taip ni..nnti after i got all the picca i'll update in here! selamat bercuti warga Czech! hari ni public holiday...yeay!~

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