Friday, January 30, 2009

Taking a hiatus!

I've always a strong desire to write something in here everytime i open this blog, unfortunately my time doesnt allow me to do so!*sigh!*, things are getting a little too busy lately, I'll be taking a break from the blog for some time while I focus on my coming final exams..
So,basically i'm on a short hiatus! I hope to be back ASAP, as soon as i finish my final.. dont miss me yeah!!

Bfore clicking the 'Publish Post' button...[nak membebel sket!] :
I’ve been kinda weird i guess...sudden up and down! i dunno, currently i can be extremely motivated one minute then drop down to zero level in another..haih what’s wrong with me huh??! *tough*tough*tough*tough* hey, who said taking medicine is easy koin????...Gotta do some self-assessment i tink!…
For all my friends here in czech republic,
Přeju Vám, vsechno nejlepsi!


missy wonderlily said...

hey brave girl~:P
dont let those negative thinking overpass your passion,ok?
be proud of yourself.

good luck,babe~

kokochan said...

thanks babe!
u too!good luck for your midterm!

missy wonderlily said...


sempat lagi lepak2 kt my blog eh?hahaha.

have "fun" studying! :D
ughh.guess i have to do the same.

later then!

kokochan said...

sempat la jengah2!!hehe~
u too,have fun with those boring books!!!LoL!
good luck!

hirumi said...

hehe.keep on moving sampai ke titisan dua darah terakhir tau.bahsya koin!

kokochan said...

kenapa titisan darah 2 terakhir pot??hahaha,,neway thanks~