Friday, February 6, 2009

Caffeine-dependent Me!

Yes i'm a caffeine addict[mcm drug addict la plak..haha].. I think my neuronal synapses are already well-adapted with the high level of caffeine in my body [to be specific in my blood!], that the reason why my life is very much dependent on coffee/nescafe.. Caffeine is my fuel, the fuel to enhance my brain and body performance day and's important for me since i'm very dependent on it to burn the midnight oil, to stay alert during lectures, to make me fresh in the morning blablabla.. in other words, nescafe in my 'keperluan'..
and as i'm gonna sit for my final next wed i've to ensure my 'fuel' stock is enuf till that day... so yesterday, when we[my osmates & i] were shopping our groceries stuffs, i was thinking to buy Nescafe 3in1 to top-up my stock[stock lama yg dh berkurun dibeli!]!
ME & MY Housemates :
Saya : weyh aku nk beli Nescafe r..boley x ek! [hati ragu2 tapi mcm berdegil jugak nk beli!!]
Mereka : sukati la.. kalo ko rase ok, beli je la..
Saya menolong dalaman 'xpa la beli je la koin..satu je pon..'
Sesampai je tempat longokan Nescafe disitu..guess what??! i dunno what happen to me..but i feel so guilty and agak berat hati to take the nescafe packs..why??i dunno the specific answer to the 'why?'... but to be frank, since i did some reading, searching and sort of memorizing the lists of the israeli and US goods, the guilty feeling is always in me everytime i feel like buying those listed goods... Whatever it is, i'm very grateful to be granted with those feeling, at least i'll always think twice and end-up not to buy those stuffs.. yeah eventho for some people they might said ' hilang la nikmat dunia kalo McD, Pizza , Coke blabla semua xbley makan...' , but for me..i'm okey with that, as that is the least thing i can do for the palestinian..i'll try my best to istiqamah [berterusan] in doing this : let's boikot! :o)
So back to the main topic! finally, i bought a brand new 3in 1 coffee,which i never known the existing before, to feed my addiction.. i know and i tink everyone know, caffeine is not good for our health! caffeine is one of carcinogens that can leads to mutation or even worse can results CANCER! Plus, it brings many-many bad effects to our heart,kidneys and othr parts of our body as well... maybe i shoud take milk with honey which is suggested by Chenad...lagi berkhasiat!hehe..i think from now on, i've to think more seriously to stop this bad habit.. slowly reduce the coffee intake might help i tink~!
i wish i can talk/write a bit longer, but i've to stop to continue ber-biology and Ber- genetics again...babai...


I.n.t.a.n said...

Selamat berEXAM kamu!!

udah2 le jadi drug addict.
bughok beno bunyiknye bekk:P

kokochan said...

baeklah saya akn masok pusat pemulihan lepas ni!!ahahaha~
thanksss bekkkkk~