Monday, February 16, 2009

Lettuce Couple!

I so very addicted with BBF.. but for JunPyo fans out there, dun wori i'm not gonna berebut with u guys since i kinda like Kim Hyun Joong more :o) [the 2nd hero in BBF after JunPyo], the one who replace Hua Zey Lei...
So then, here come the story for this post, my friend do introduce me with this movie called ' WE GOT MARRIED' in which Kim Hyun Joong is one of the character in it.. WGM is not really a movie but its more like a reality TV in which the korean celebs was selected and paired together as husband n together in the same house, honeymoon, and do act as husband n wife until they themself want to 'divorce'!![mcm btol2 tpi kawen maen2 je la..]..
There're many2 couple in it but since i ONLY love Hyun Joong so i just watch his part or better to say their part[ he with his 'wife' hehe~]!! Hyun Joong 24 was coupled with Hwang buin 29 [korean singer!].. They're soooo~ funny being husband n wife...It hard to describe everything here.. if you wish to know more u hv to watch them on youtube or mysoju...
Genre : Romantic&Comedy! hehehe~
But the ending of their story was very2 sad because after 8month together, finally they hardly decided to devorce since they are very2 busy with their career [Hyun Joong busy with BBF!], since both of them are already close and myb somehow have develop feeling toward each it kinda sad tho to see them separated..huhu
Hyunjoong's Message to hwangbo's Future Husband;
"Hwang Buin,
she hates being cute so don't make her act cute.
She's a good cook, but don't make her cook too much, she finds that bothersome.
And don't lie to her.
Phone her twice a day.
Don't look at anyone else as a woman...
And you must never talk about the first love.
And... make lots of money so she doesn't have to work the events...
and diligently deposit paycheck every month. When she's that age, she won't be doing her events anymore.
He's a future spouse who'll treat you well even if I don't tell him anything...
Just treat her well.. Unconditionally...
Don't come to Jeju Island for the honeymoon though...
She'll remember.. Since she'll remember if you come here for honeymoon..
For the next husband, I think this is a place he won't need to come."
"To tell you the truth... I didn't express it but in my heart you helped me a lot when things were really hard.
There were a few times,.. I looked at you for those times and changed the way I was thinking. I think I did.
Before I met you, wife... I want to tell you this, I used to live a very confined life.
I don't know if you'll believe this, but outside of my friends nobody knew me, what kind of person I am... But I think wife now knows.
A lot of my dark and gloomy ways, really... This goes on TV, but I'm not just saying this...
I really think you changed me a lot. At the right timing.
In a way, I strongly felt like you were someone sent by God.
Honestly I wanted to tell you this... When things were the hardest.
I'm relieved that wife will be the last woman I'll do mountain hiking with."

Hwang Buin's Message to Hyunjoong's Future Wife:
"Hyunjoong is..
he's a kid who loves to win... so please keep losing to him...
But you can't make it obvious that you're losing to him.. You have to make it seem like you tried really hard but lost...
He can't wake up well... so if you tickle him, he wakes up well..
He hates mushy things.. so don't expect too much..
Even if he doesn't express it, just feel it with your heart..."
HyunJoong words at the end of their conversation:
"We always filmed on Tuesdays... I think Tuesdays will seem really empty from now on... If we have work on something else on Tuesdays, that feels really sad. If I think like nothing had happened, it would feel so empty.. I think I'll feel like there's a hole in my daily life..."

Rasa kagum jugakla dgn celeb2 korean ni...since in We Got Married ni everything is spontaneous, from the acting, scripts blabla... so leh tgok la the real them! dan dari sini jugak la saya makin suka kt Hyun Joong, Hwang buin, the idols SS501, Wondergirls... nnti2 free2 nk tgok pasangan laen pulakk!heheheh~
WOKEY! itu sahaja! kena study czech pulekk~! TAMAT!


~ rianus ~ said...

i've been with them thru the 8 months too~
super sedey tgk dierg berpisah..huk3..
love our shiilang n buin <3!!

anw..welcome joongboers newbie!!

~ rianus ~ said...

opps..silap ayat diatas..
dioerg bukan berpisah..
hny berhenti dr WGM..
hope dieorg still contact2 lg ...

kokochan said...

tu la, they're so sweet together!!!..
plus i love part SS501 n Wondergirls tu..comel la diorg~
huhu..koin bru abes tgok!!gumbira!! tapi ending sedey~ hehe
overall SERONOK!

s.c.h.u.l.t said...

eh doc..smpat aje mlayan cite korea :p

kokochan said...

hehe..cuti2 ni je la..pasni harapan la nk tgok cerita panjng2 ni.. :o)

missy wonderlily said...

ala koin...
why the lettuce couple?

already watched WGM zillions of times..
but my attention goes all to ANBY couple.LOL

rasenye kalau ko cite psl korean2 ni..aku mmg dah expert la kut.puhahah