Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today, i don't feel like writing actually, but i'm deym soo bored!! so layan je la...
oke..sh*t i dunno wat to write...cmmon, idea2 datang la..!! *thinking hard on wat to write!* :o)
Recalling wat had happen and wat will i do...owhh how pathetic i'm..mcm desperate giler nk menulis!haha~
yeah..currently,i'm not really in a good mood!

It's hard for me to write this post since there were nothing special happened in this week as i was just lazying around with my lappy and some czech notes...spending most of my time on my bed under my duvet!! hahaha... stop kejap la..

*after about 30minutes!*

oke, today i'm officially finished my winter semester!!!

This morning i had czech oral credit test with my language teacher, Zaneta Slemarova...We have like 4 topics :
1. Roddina Anamneza : Family history
2. Minula Anamneza : Patient History
3. Bolest and Soucasne Potize : Pain and current treatment
4. Osobni Udaje : Personal data
We'll get one out of this four topics..and then we've to act as a doctor who wanna take data from patients.. doing it individually in which u'll be the doctor and Slemarova will be the patient.. We've to get as many information as posibble..it kinda tough tho..huhu~

I got Minula Anamneza!! i was kinda gelabah jugak la.. luckily Slemarova was very helpful.. so many2 thank to her...!! at the end of the conversation, she congratulates me for my good pronounciation and good overall performance for this semester!! Even mcm xdeserve pun for the praises thank you jugak la yerkk...*wink!*

Yeah one more thing..tumorrow i'll be leaving HK for Budapest,Hungary Trip, about the exact detail on the trip i dunno yet since i'm not doing anything for the trip, jus following my friends... sumtime i feel bad since i didnt contribute anything for this trip [not only this trip i tink!hhahaha!], i know someone might say :

"ape nk risau plak bagos la..seronok ape xpayah buat apa2 kerja, xpayah book ticket, survey hotel..xpayah pening2 kepala, semua org dh buatkan...tahu2 tinggal pegi jalan2 je.."

But i feel bad you know for letting my friend to it all alone...i do ask her "nk aku tolong ape2 ckp je r oke.." but she always said like everything is under control.. i dunno myb it's too easy for her to do it all by herself...who knows?hehe...it's good neway for having a friend like that but yeah it just that i didnt feel easy for it... oke stop there!!!

Wokey atas tu map europe total...bawah ni map separuh europe in which czech republic is located!! surrounded by poland, germany, austria and slovakia... Hungary and budapest ada kt bawah tu...

we'll just go there by train..so it gonna take hours to arrive tapi xpa la ley tido2..hehe..jadi, pray for our safe journey yup!!~

oke wanna share another photo of my niece [latest one!] Kawaiiii~!...my brother said she's getting tembam and kuat minum susu..hehehe kuat makan macam ibu n ayah dia laa!!!hahaha~
wokey, gtg! sambung nex time oke...adi0ss~


lynawan said...

waaa,nk jln2 jugak. tp 2 la,xtau nk jln mn n kalau tau pun xtau nk plan trip mcm mn.last2 hibernasi kt Palachova

Anonymous said...


kokochan said...

hehehe ajak la ramai2 plan sumthing..then kalo xtahu tanya la senior yg dh penah pergi that place..hehe~
boleh je pergi tapi kalo nk best kna buat reserch la sket..so bley g cepat n cover byk tmpt..hehe~

kokochan said...

sueabubakar: jom sue tour europe!hehe..