Friday, February 27, 2009

torn into pieces

Tell me how to stop this feeling.. i dunno wat happen till i didnt know who i'm right now..

seems away to the place that i did'nt ever knew the existence...i'm not being myself right now

i'm not what i'm..what i'm suppose to be...
::: STRESS!:::
POZOR!! Reminder to si Koin!

Need to start to stay focus!..
stay away from all the nonsense things
put away the shitty feelings that might distract you,
be brave,
be yourself,
dont let people doesnt matter brings you down!!!
dont give a deym about what people might think about you..
bcoz in the end the result is wat people gonna talk about..
live and study for the sake of Allah and your parents..
remember wat u've promise them..
4+1/'s wont be long unless you want it to be any longer
Always back to the main reason why you're here..
Do always remind yourself not to drown out by unnecessary things,
there're lots more important life-threatening things to be think of..
always bear in ur mind that nothing worth having ever comes easy KOIN!
Dont you remember ;
someone told me,
' soon u'll dealing with people's life.. u've too be more serious in your studies.."
what my dad said,
"...engineers..if they misdeal/misrepair a machine, they can just throw away the machine or just buy a brand new one as a replacement...
but for a doctor who deal with people's life..misdealing/mistreating might causing death..irreversible, cudnt be replace with anything....... so there's no doubt why medicine is a very well-known for it toughness.."
haih...missing my family family...the precious jewels of my life :o) they iluminate every breath i take through their very existence, the reason for me to keep moving...the supporters who never tired of cheering me up!, to not letting me giving up in my life...
homesick! :o(
ps/; ni akibat bila terlalu banyak berfikir benda yang merepek2..mood xberapa nak baik sekarang ni..PMS kot hahaha :o)


Missc0mot said...

fighting koko...!!!!!!!

fight uNtiL d eNd..=)

ijan said...


Anonymous said...

go go kak koin.
mari kite buat ape yang utama dan penting dan benificial untuk diri sndiri.
Tho pandangan orang will be senget, at the end sure pandangan orang akan tak senget semula. :P
phm ke analogy pelik ni. hak hak.

kokochan said...

miss comot: thanks comot!! yeah semangat2!!!

ijan: thankss bekkk!! bekk nk balikkk~!

kokochan said...

farahhaziq :
thanks mell!!esp for the analogy!!hehehe...
yup2, i'm totally agree with u bout ur latest post..bukan senang nak satisfiedkan semua orang! just do wat necessary for us to do and regret nothing!! fighting! :p
chaiyok2!!!!~ :o)

fatinnadirah said...


kokochan said...

fatinnadirah: thankyou!!..thankyou!!..

missy wonderlily said...

cheer up,babe.
i know that feeling u had.
sigh.those bad days.

things happened for a reason, babe.and it'll make u stronger each day.
remember,every hard times that u endured right now will make u a better person, or should i say a great doctor? :D

if someone else can do it, why can't you..right?

"set your own goals,and make sure you know where you're headed."
i know u can do it!


kokochan said...

thanks babe!! :o)
luv ya!! miss ya!!