Friday, May 22, 2009

laskar pelangi..akan ku kejar hingga hujung dunia..

Yesterday, we had Physiology test at 7.30am in the usual for those who're practicing last minute study like me will suffer a lot from the time of the test wakeup as early as 6.30 is so not me! and to not sleep at all is a complete disaster since i've class just right after the test till 1.30noon..

We've physio lab just right after the test, and i can see all my classmates are like zombie, everyone is soo sleepy, i tink Lotkova [read:my lecture] did notice us but just pretending that everyone is concentrating on her lecture..and she just continue with her 'short' lecture before the practical.. during 5min break, we know our result from the morning test....then continue with the practical part, everyone is doing all the tasks fastly as we eagerly want to finish the practical ASAP...! keji btol perangai semua..hahaha~

10.30am, after physiology lab...i'm skipping my biochem seminar and straight away went back home since my eyelids cudnt be opened anymore, and i need some sleep :P
After sleep for about 4hours... i woke up and watch this indonesian movie called "Laskar Pelangi" recommended by my friend, Izwar... This movie is based on the novel with the same title, which is among the top bestselling novel in Indonesia...

This is a very inspiring movie, neither like ayat-ayat cinta nor perempuan bekalung sorban, this is not a love story-mory...

Laskar pelangi is about 'perjuangan' ; the fight of SD Muhamadiyah [Read: Name of a School].. the fight of the teachers to educate children, to create awareness about the importance of education, the fight of the students to study and gain knowledge, to success in life...etcc...

I tink they try to show some kritikan sosial of indonesian people toward their open govt 'eyes' about the need of education in some rural areas, and not to neglect them.... and stuffs like that..
One thing i shud say here is that we shud be grateful with wat we've right now, we've such a perfect life, everthing is, books, stationaries, facilities etcc... just need to focus on study, tapi tu pon sumtime kita dah merungut [talking about myself!]..
How bout people like them [in the movie] ? who really2 want to study, plus smart but dont have the chance to..??

I just have dont have enuf time to review everything about this movie.. just wanna quote some words mentioned in the movie :o)

" Kalau nak pintar.. belajar,
Kalau nak berhasil...berusaha.."

"..jangan penah menyerah..Hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak2nya, bukan untuk menerima sebanyak2nya.."

Among all indonesian movie that i watched, i tink i like this one the most! :o)
so people! if u've free time and wondering wat movie to watch, i totally recommended all of you to watch this movie..hehe~

oke, gtg.. need to prepare an armor for my practical physio test this coming monday! :o)
PS: we, the Cejpova, are so happy since we were successfully kidnap 12 ekor ayam from Hypernova yesterday... ni sebagai satu langkah berjaga2 takot ayam habes and also as preparation for the exam season! nnti sibuk xda sapa nk beli groceries!hahaha~

oke, till then..SALAM~

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