Monday, May 25, 2009

nak kawen ke nk jadi dokter?

We had Physiology Practical Examination this evening, and thanks god, i passed the exam and got credit for physiology.. just wanna congratulate all 2nd year students for performing quite well in the exam...

For those who're not studying Medicine in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic and wondering what am i talking about.. Oke ekceli practical examination is the last part of the Credit system for physiology which is compulsory to all 2nd year med students here to get credit, ['credit' is like an entrance ticket to final exam, without it, dont dream to seat for final exam, plus u might fail the subject, repeat the whole year again etc... see the important?hehe]..
oke, it is an oral exam based on the practical labs that we've done troughout the year...first, as usual we've to 'draw' some cards with number of the question on it, choose one out of 26 questions... among the question --> blood sedimentation, Hematocrit, cloting and bleeding time, Perimetry, Investigation of Vestibular system, examination of lung & heart, ECG, Blood Pressure and pulse, proprioceptive and Enteroceptive reflex etc... yes, as aforementioned, it was done orally! so we've to explain the methods of the experiment, the result and sort of discussion why like this, why like that blabla, plus some theory.. it's pretty tough as the experiments cover almost all systems in our body, so not only u've to master the procedure but also the lecture notes setebal beberapa inches tu..[walaupon xbrape sempt nk bace :o)]hehe~
However, thanks God for easing our way! Alhamdulillah :o) I got question 'Tests on vestibular system and the investigation of eardrum" , this might be a simple question for some, but not me! to be frank i dont really like this question! all the movement of the endolymph, nystagmus, saccule, utricle, semicircular canal, pathways etc are just make me sick! plus, doing it with Holecek [read: nama prof!] makes my catecholamine & adrenaline level even higher! but luckily rumours about "holecek baek ngn budak perempuan" pretty working here LoL!... yup i've to admit that he's very before i enter the exam room, i heard some students kena tengking by him and some even failed.. pretty 'cuak' la, but once he laughed at me because i didnt mentioned about stopping the barany chair before the finger test [read:Barany test~!], so agak stabil jugak la diri ni & dalam hati 'oke gak dia ni'...and of course there are some questions from him that i cud'nt answer very well because i didnt read much on CNS..huahua~ but the kind-hearted Holecek give me 2 for the exam! thanksss~ so as a reminder for those who already start preparing for final, make sure you guys know about the neuronal relation between vestibular apparatus and mucles tone, the pathways etc related to it..since he was pretty interested about it!, maybe because he's the one who taught CNS..hehe~
So i've got all the credits for all the subjects for this year! so just need to focus on my final.. i've 3 final for this year ; Czech, physio and biochem.. i hope i can finish all of the ASAP and go back to malaysia early :o) ..Ameen!
Reminder: Booking czech final can be done on 29may from 8am at SIS! Cepat, sape cepat dia dapat tarikh best :P

Oke then, before leaving, just wanna wish "happy wedding day" to my friend, Saiful Ariff [Uranus] aka x-Pres Psp Mrsm Mersing 03/04 on this 7june! Sori xdapat dtg, tgah bergelut ngn final lagi.... May Allah bless u guys..! :o)

ps: Ramai betul dah nak kawen & bertunang sekarang ni... Musim ke ape?hakhakhak~


lynawan said...

nak jadi doktor

~ rianus ~ said...

i pon nk jd doktor jugak!!


p.s : tp klu jaejoong ajak i kawen,i bley la pertimbangkan..hikhik =P

kokochan said...

lynawan: jom jadik doktor!hehe~

rianus: haha.. statement terakhir u tu xle bla okey~ hahaha takpe 'susah tapi xmustahil' hahaha~

zainabibrahim said...

saya pon nk jadik doktor..
mari berusaha ngan baikkk!!

Anonymous said...

koko chan!omedetou!!

skrg kan cuti sekolah..
sume org pakat kawen

gud luck koin! :)

s.c.h.u.l.t said...

sy nk kawen dgn doc!

*since xley jd doc..haha*

kokochan said...

hehe zaizai jom berusaha dengan baek!

hehe..sue bila lagi??hahaha~ tunggu la aku ada kt mesia bru kawen oke~hihi

erkk.. nk kawen ngn dr?
ni da lari topic ni..hahaha~

fathinaina said...

apakah? saiful ariff?? pres lrc kt tu?? (enche ni penah membuli sy ms interview dlu..huhu)hohohoho...kawen sudah?? huiyo.... *mood terkezut*

ramainye nk tua dah..haish~~

all the best!! chaiyo2!!

kokochan said...

haah..epul pres LRC tu..hahaha penah kena buli ngn dia??hahaha~ kisah lama.. haah dia dh nk kawen, tapi xsempt la nk g kot 7 july..haha~ tu la pasal semua nk kawen ni...haish~