Thursday, May 14, 2009

up and down like a rollercoaster~

redha, pasrah, berserah, pray for the best..
hopefully, there'll be a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel..cewwahh..hoho!
Up and Down like a rollercoaster..
Bipolar syndrome..
Stress teramat berserta Fikiran bercelaru bagai siaran terganggu!
Sumtime when we feel sooo bad and disspointed, we tends to blame ourself, blame everyone and everything around us-->even paper and pen yang tak berdosa also get the punishment!hoho..
Letting those feelings take over our life is a big mistake!
Koin, bare in ur mind that your life is governed by Allah, The Creator which knows everything...
"pena-pena sudah diangkat, tinta-tinta sudahpun kering..segalanya telah tertulis"
Book: La Tahzan, Dont be Sad, Jangan bersedih
Keep believing & have strong faith in Him.. He knows the best what is the best for you!
"Hadapi dengan senyuman, semua yang terjadi biar terjadi
Hadapi dengan tenang jiwa , Semua... kan baik baik saja
Bila ketetapan tuhan sudah ditetapkan, tetaplah sudah
Tak ada yang bisa merubah dan takkan bisa berubah
Relakanlah saja ini, bahwa semua yang terbaik
Terbaik untuk kita semua menyerahlah untuk menang..."
:Dewa- Hadapi dengan Senyuman:


lynawan said...

as long as we r believing, the light will never fade out.fighting!!!

~ rianus ~ said...

i second that lyna!!

perjuangan baru bermula!!

kokochan said...

haha agree with that lyna!

sedih~ hoho..
neway thanks rian!!

yup i can feel the bahang of stressfulness now! even the final is not started yet..hoho


hirumi said...

Lerh.Kenapa ni dudette?stress pre-exam ke? adeyh

kokochan said...

ala kt sini xpayah nk tunggu final, hari2 pon stress!hahaha~

xda la ada problem sket ngn credit czech :( tapi Alhmdllh dah settle...