Tuesday, May 12, 2009

jewels of islam

An awesome website, answers almost all hot issues related to Islam's Women..elaborates and describes facts about gender equity, status of women in islam, hijab, marriage life etc..
"answer the harsh questions, why are they oppressed? why do they cover up?do muslim men beat their wives? forced marriage...child brides? where are the rights for ISLAM women?"

Who are the women of islam?? Kita kah?? sapa kah??
*retorik semata, tidak perlu dijawap*
  • How deep we know about our rights as a woman in Islam, and how well we can explain to others bout us?, to avoid misunderstanding about islam?? etc..etc??
  • Why are we wearing hijab? because all of ur friends wearing it? because ur parent/bf told u to do so? why??
  • My theory, i think that the reason why lots of muslim girls/women nowaday are so easy to take off their hijjab, happily posting their free-hair photos on facebook,friendster etcc..because they actually dunno why they're suppose to wear hijab.. and or mybe they just dont have any ideas why wearing hijjab is obligatory to muslim women... POZOR, ni hanya theory aku!..Sebab ada article psychology yang aku penah terbaca berkata [lebih kurang mcmni la ayat dia..xingt sgt!] ' Kalo kita lakukan sesuatu tanpa mengetahui reasons/tujuan kita buat benda tu, kita sangat terdedah kepada masalah tidak tetap hala tuju, mudah terpengaruh dengan stimulus dari luar, dan seterusnya apa yang kita lakukan xakan kekal lama.. '

Tutasnya disini, i'm not wearing tudung labuh, sumtime i'm not covering my aurat to the max , i always trying hard to skip my usrah back in school, and up till now sumtime *peace!*, i'm not perfect either, and I'm just an ordinary muslim woman.. sepatah kata-kata dalam lagu the reason by hoobastank tu:

" i'm not a perfect person
there are many things i wish i did'nt do
but i continue learning....."

understand islam better..? there're many ways to do so ; reading...5minit before sleep or 15minit out of lagha2 time on the net, click some buttons on ur lappy go to some blogs, webpages etc and read!..read, understand n try to implement in daily life..i know it easy to talk but pretty hard to do rite??..so sama2 la kita usaha yerkk..xdapat banyak sikit2 pon jadik la :o)

okey la sebelum lagi melalut,

people! i highly recommend u guys to visit the link above...there are many articles and even books available in the webpage for us to read :o)

Tribute to kak belle for the link..


lynawan said...

like what kak belle said, it's very cool!

raiNiey said...

mantap la blog tu.. tkejut jap jntung aku msuk blog tu.. sound effect dier..

let's keep on learning and improving.. :)

since everyone have equal chance..

kokochan said...

hehe..yup!!memng best~

kokochan said...

everyone have equal chance..and everyone have their own ways in doing things.. :o)

yup2..menambah ilmu dalam apa jua bidang memng digalakkkan dalam agama kita..insyaAllah sama2 kita..

sueabubakar said...

I lykeee this entry!!!

menyentuh hati!!

i'm not a perfect person too..
but we still can improve..step by step kan koin???


-semoga Allah terus tunjukkan jalan yang lurus dan benar kpd kite semua..ameen- :)

kokochan said...

yup2..insyaAllah :o) sama2 kita!!

fathinaina said...

yup..i hv the same opinion too..*pozor! ni hny pndpt sy gak* =p

let us work 2gether to improve ourselves..!

ckit2 lama2 jd bukit! =) =)
insyaAllah =)

kokochan said...

:o) insyaAllah..